Chapter Eleven

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Suddenly my irrational fear of flying set back in and I started to hyperventilate. Before I got the chance to search for Justin’s had he had already found it and was grinning over at me reassuringly. ‘Dude, breathe, we’re not gonna crash’.

I managed to control my breathing enough so that I could speak, ‘Oh! thanks for that Bieber, that really honestly helps, you know you should consider becoming a counsellor or some kind of inspirational speaker, your really good at it!’ I half shouted.

‘wooah easy, little miss the plane is gonna drop out of the sky’ he said smiling as the plane landed smoothly on the runway. ‘see?!’ he grinned at me as he took off his seatbelt and grabbed my crutches from the overhead storage.

Somehow we had gotten first priority, so we got off the plane first. I couldn’t decide whether it was because of Justin’s fame or my disability. Either way it made a change to fighting off the other families to get out in one piece.

As we got off the plane we were greeted by a warm day without a cloud in the sky, Justin’s Black range rover parked right beside the steps and, oh yeah, about 300 screaming girls, only held back by an army of muscular suited men. Cameras were flashing, people were screaming, it was all very new to me. I stopped and stared, confused at what was going on. Justin saw me staring at the crowd with a weird look on my face and then next thing I knew he had my crutches in one hand and me over his other shoulder carrying me to the car. He put me gently in the passenger seat, then he climbed into the driver’s seat and we sped off out of the airport.

‘what. The. Hell. Was. That?’ I said, turning around to look at the troops of teenage girls chasing after us.

He laughed. ‘that, my dear, is my life when I am not back home. Now you know why I didn’t understand what was happening when I first came back to school.’

‘so, like this happens everywhere you go?’ I asked trying to understand it. I’d seen pictures and stuff of the paps and fans following him, but experiencing it was a whole other level.

‘well, yeah kind of, I mean not everywhere, but most places. Hey it’s fine you’ll get used to it by tomorrow.’

‘what do you mean?’

‘well today we are going to my apartment, going shopping to get you a fancy new dress and then going to the awards’ he laughed.

‘woah, woah, woah, what awards?!’ I asked, he hadn’t mentioned this before.

‘oh yeah, well I’m nominated in a few categories at the MTV awards so that kind of requires me to go’ he laughed. ‘and I need a date to walk up the carpet with so I don’t look like a sad loner and oh hey! Whaddya know? Your free tonight!’ he grinned.

‘No. freakin. Way. I’m not going up a red carpet for four reasons : one - I really don’t think full leg casts are in this season, two - we are FRIENDS not a couple, 3- I’m not even pretty enough to be photographed with you and four - No way I’m wearing a dress!’

‘ohh come on! None of those are viable problems’ he grinned. ‘one - We’ll get you a dress that makes even your cast look pretty, two - I am perfectly aware of that, we are going as friends, but date sounded better for pitching the idea to you, three - stop saying that! Oh my Christ girl’s are so insecure, Molly Muriel Fraser I have said it before and I will say it again - you are my gorgeous best friend! And I mean, what do you mean not pretty enough to be photographed with me’ he emphasised the me, ‘ I’m just your geeky best friend Justin that was convinced up until the age of 10 that there was a Santa’ he laughed as he parked up the car outside a huge building that looked like a hotel and came around to bring me my crutches and lift me down off the seat. ‘and finally’ he said as we walked into reception. ‘ Damn straight you are wearing a dress! If I have to wear some stupid suit then you have to wear a dress, your just lucky you broke your leg otherwise I would be making you wear a pair of heels.’ he smiled as he rung the little bell at the reception desk.

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