Chapter Sixty-Two

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‘this should be a nice new start for you’ my mom smiled.

‘Excuse me?! … don’t need a new fucking start, I need Justin and Lexi, I need Demi and the crew … I certainly don’t need shitty Scotland and more time spent with you!’ I shouted back wiping the tears from my face.

‘No Molly, you don’t need a baby and some user as your boyfriend, you need a new start.’

I couldn’t even think how to respond to that, she was so wrong it was unreal. I stormed out of the lift and into her crappy car. I slammed the door and slumped down into my seat.

‘Watch the door!’ how could she act as if everything was fine? It’s not. It’s anything but fine.

My phone vibrated as we set off for the airport, New message from Justin, ‘Missing you already xxx’

I held the tears back, I missed him so much too, but I didn’t want my mom to see what she was doing to me. Nuh-uh she’s not seeing how much it hurts, how she’s torn my heart out and left me in pieces. I’m gonna act like this move to Scotland is the next best thing after sliced bread.

‘miss you too xx’ I pressed send and tried to muster a smile. 10 minutes of awkward silence later we were in the airport terminal. We headed to the gate and got on the flight.

I just sat looking out of the window, looking at everything I was going to miss. I can’t believe she’s doing this. Just an hour into the flight I was so bored I was hitting my head off of the window.

‘So Molly, what’s been happening?’ my mom smiled.

I turned my face up at her. ‘don’t talk to me! I don’t intend to talk to you the whole time I’m here.’ I snapped. My phone started to ring, I pushed past the fat cow that was my mother and to the little curtained off area where the staff sit, it was empty.

I looked at the screen, it was Justin. I hesitated, it would hurt to here his voice. To imagine what he was doing, doing without me. But the part of me that was missing him overpowered my head and I pressed answer.

‘Hello?’ I said shakily.

‘Molly, it’s so good to hear your voice’ I heard him say, I could hear the happiness in his voice, it was comforting. ‘you too’ I smiled. I could hear a noise in the background. ‘what’s that noise?’

‘Lexi, she hasn’t stopped crying since you left. I’m pretty sure she misses you as much as I do’ I felt my heart crumble into a million tiny pieces.

I sighed and tried to hold back tears, ‘Molly I don’t know what to do, I can’t get hold of anyone and she won’t stop crying. ‘ I could hear how desperate he was by his voice. ‘Molly I can’t do this … I need you back’

I sighed and plucked up all my courage, ‘Pull it together Bieber! Now lets do this objectively. Is she hungry?’ I said sounding determined.

‘Nope I just fed her’


I heard him sniff, ‘she’s clean’


‘She’s in my arms’

‘Looks like it’s time for the back up plan’ go to the speakers on the shelf in her room.’ I sighed. I heard him walk. ‘now the crew set this up so you have them to thank. … hit play’ The Lion Sleeps tonight came on.

‘Are you serious?!’ he groaned.

‘yes! Did it shut her up?’

‘… yeah’ he whispered.

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