Chapter Thirty-Five

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'No, I don't. I'm completely alone. You said it yourself.' I shook my head at him.

'I didn't mean it. You should know I didn't.' he said as he sat down next to me.

'why did you say it then? No, scratch that, why did you shout it in my face?' I spat at him.

'I was ... I was jealous' he said looking down.

'Jealous of what exactly? The fact that my Dad doesn't want me, that my Mum is never home or the fact that I'm completely alone?'

'Jealous that you were getting the chance at a normal family'

'Justin, I wasn't getting the chance at a family, that's the difference. I was getting the chance at living in a house where I'm only acknowledged when there's visitors, a house where kids that aren't even his are known as Daddy's little girls whereas Daddy's real little girl gets ignored.'

'I didn't realise it was like that, I tried to compare it to my situation, I mean I love my mum, but I just want a normal family'

'but you've got something better, Justin your mum loves you, your mum cares, your not alone' I said softly as I looked down.

He laughed softly, 'I know, I know, I didn't look at it that way.' his face turned serious again, 'and you're not alone Molly, like I said, you've always got me'

I sighed, 'do you know how much it hurts to have the one person you love, the one person you care about, the one person you'd do anything for tell you that you have no one?' I asked as a tear rolled down my cheek.

He looked away before standing up and walking out.

'Just as I thought.' I stood up, wiped my eyesand started to get changed. I straightened my hair and put on some makeup. Just as I was brushing my teeth the bus came to a halt.

I walked through to see Justin standing fixing his hair.

'where are we?' I asked quietly.

‘We are at the mall’ he smiled.

‘yeah I’m gonna need a little more than that’

‘let me finish!’ he smiled ‘ we’re here to do a radio show… together’ he looked away.

‘what?!’ I snapped, ‘Forget it, you’re doing it yourself.’

‘it’s arranged for both of us, it’s only a half an hour show.’

I laughed sarcastically, ‘Oh it’s only an hour? Why didn’t you say so!’ I snapped.

‘Look Molly, to people on the outside we’re Hollywood’s hottest couple even though in here  we’re …’ he looked down, he couldn’t bring himself to say it. ‘whatever, you’re doing the show.’

‘No I’m Not!’

Fifteen minutes later I was over Justin’s shoulder being carried in, against my will, to the radio station. He put me down and I crutched in beside him as we took our seats and put on the headphones. The introduction tune came on and I’m pretty sure I felt what was left of my heart shrivel up and die. Here we were pretending to be all loved up, when really we weren’t even speaking. He said he saw me as a burden, how can I forgive him for that? But another part of me want’s to throw myself over this table and kiss him. All that had mixed together to make some lethal cocktail of heartache and missing him. 

‘Hey you’re on with Justin’ he grinned as he shouted into the microphone.

I looked over at him, he was smiling over at me, he winked at me and kicked my good leg. ‘And I’m Molly’ I said cheerily into the microphone before shooting him a look.

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