Chapter Forty-Six

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We got up to the penthouse and put all of the stuff in the living room.

‘okay Bieber, you baby is being born are you ready?!’ I shouted as I grabbed the baby, batteries and walked over to sit next to him on the couch. He had opened the little Moses basket. ‘I said are you ready?!’

‘This is ready built, meaning I can put the baby straight in here. It’s already got blankets and a little pillow in there too. I have a diaper and a baby grow ready as well as mittens so she doesn’t scratch herself and a little hat to keep her head warm.’ he smiled proudly.

‘did you read that pregnancy book I gave to you when we were walking around the store?’ I grinned.

‘Pages 1 through 180 skipped the pictures at the end, they were of a baby being squeezed out … I’m not quite ready for that yet’ he laughed.

‘Okay, well then here is your baby’ I smiled handing him the little baby doll.

He held her and smiled down at her, ‘She’s just so … beautiful’ he said pretending to cry, then looking up at me laughing.

I punched his arm, ‘take it seriously!’ I laughed.

‘What are you going to call her?’ I smiled.

‘Barbara’ he smiled.

‘Barbara! Barbara? She’s a baby not a 90 year old!’ I shouted trying to hold back my laughter.

‘I don’t care, Molly meet Barbara Bieber’ he smiled flicking the switch turning the baby on.

I sighed laughing as he tried to dress her. ‘Having a little trouble with the diaper?’

He was fiddling about with the flaps. ‘Give Barbie here I said putting a towel down.

‘Its Barbara and what’s the towel for?’ he said handing her over carefully.

‘Barbara, is a stupid name, I shortened it to Barbie’ I smiled, ‘and the towel is to change her on because her Daddy hasn’t built the changing table’ I smiled, putting the diaper on with ease and handing her back. ‘Your welcome’ I winked. ‘Now get her changed into that outfit, I’m gonna go get a screwdriver.’ I ran upstairs. I looked back over the balcony at Justin before I went in. he was putting the little baby grow on her, struggling to even do the little poppers.

I laughed and grabbed a screwdriver from the tool box in the closet and ran back down. ‘Okay let’s do this!’ I smiled.

‘Will you shut up! Barbara is asleep!’ he hissed smiling.

I looked at him impressed, ‘Sorry, sorry’ I smiled as he moved the Moses basket to the other side of the room and put a little baby monitor in beside her, tucked her in then ran over to me.

‘She is such a sweet heart’ he beamed.

I laughed, ‘she’s just a doll Justin, remember that’

He gasped dramatically, ‘Molly Fraser you take that back! Don’t you ever call Barbara Bieber-Fraser a doll! She has feelings you know!’ he held it for a couple seconds then broke into fits of laughter. I laughed as well as we ripped all of the boxes open. I folded all of her clothes and got the buggy out. Justin set up the changing table and high chair, placing them nicely I the corner.

He took the crib upstairs to the make shift nursery, apparently the crib should be in the nursery so that it learns to settle itself eventually.

I made up formula, put the jars of baby born food into the fridge and started to sterilise the bottles. I watched the little clock count down. In just 15 minutes her bottles would be good to go. I went over and unpacked her toys, putting them in a little basket I had bought. I was playing with the little teddies when Barbara started to cry. I walked over to her slowly. The crying was getting louder and louder.

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