Chapter Fifteen

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I groaned. Why was it so light?!

I opened one eye slightly. I gasped. ‘where is the roof?’ I whispered to myself. I plucked up enough courage to open my other eye and sit up. I was sprawled out on Justin’s dining room table on his terrace. Classy Molly. I must have passed out or something out here last night. Oh my god, last night. It must have been good because I couldn’t remember one single thing, after me and Demi dancing on the tables at KOKO.

I rubbed my head and collapsed back down, laughing at myself, what kind of question is where is the roof?.

‘ouch’ glass wasn’t exactly the comfiest thing to lie on. I must have been pissed. I yawned. Shit what time was it? And where was Justin? I sat up and swung my good leg over the side of the table, before gently placing my broken leg down.

‘Where the Fuck are my crutches’ I hissed to my self. Well this should be fun. I could barely walk with them, how was I supposed to manage without them. I limped around the terrace, looking for any sign of life. Or even a clock would do. Suddenly an idea popped into my head. ‘My phone!’ I looked down to see it stuffed in my bra, ooh Molly Fraser you are one classy girl. I grabbed it out and checked what time it was. 12 in the afternoon. Not too bad, I looked around on the terrace for Justin, maybe Demi came back with us?

I limped into his penthouse. I turned towards the stairs, there was only the sitting room down here, so he was most likely to be upstairs.

‘oh my god’ I laughed. There sleeping soundly on the stairs, was Demi.

I managed to limp up towards her, how can you fall asleep in the middle of the stairs? ‘Demi’ I spoke quietly and gently, I knew from personal experience what it’s like to be woken up with a hangover by someone shouting. She moved a little, but didn’t wake up. This was getting me nowhere.

‘Demi!’ I spoke a little louder and shook her a little. She screwed her face up and then opened her eyes.

She sat up with a look of pain on her face. ‘Ah my back is friggi-’ she cut herself off as she realised where she was. ‘Molly? Why am I at Justin’s? And what the fuck am I doing in the middle of the stairs?’ she asked starting to laugh.

I groaned, ‘No idea, I can’t remember anything from last night so it must have been good. But my guess is that we got bored at the club so came back here?’ I was still unsure of what had happened. ‘But I can’t find Nick or Justin anywhere.’ I laughed.

She thought it over a little while standing up. Suddenly she gasped, ‘ooh ooh! Flash back! I can vaguely remember us all out on the terrace, dancing around, but Nick left … because he had to record today!’ she pieced it all together in her mind with a puzzled look on her face, but smiled proudly when she finally figured it out. ‘oh but I don’t know about Justin’ she laughed. ‘but I’ll help you look around for him’ she smiled.

‘thanks’ I smiled, ‘I just want to make sure he’s okay, by the way are you feeling alright?’ I grinned as she helped me up the stairs.

‘yeah, I’m actually feeling okay’ she grinned, ‘well if you consider not feeling sick but not being able to remember last night okay’ she laughed.

‘ooh I’m the exact same, physically I’m absolutely fine, but I can’t remember one thing from last night, ah well it should all finally come back’ I laughed. We finally made it to the top of the stairs. I heard something faintly.

‘what was that? ‘ I whispered to Demi.

‘what was what?’ she whispered back looking confused.


‘its coming from the bathroom’

She helped me limp across to the bathroom and she gently opened the door. There, with a bottle of champagne in his hand, was Justin, sleeping soundly and snoring quietly in the bath tub. Me and Demi both tilted our heads to the side then started laughing quietly.

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