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Pak Cik Ego Milik Miss Sweetalker (?) [✓] by xtheaura
Pak Cik Ego Milik Miss ?
Pak Cik Ego Milik Sweetalker (Sweet Talker) - Si Pak Cik Ego. Bukan setakat ego saja yang tinggi melangit. Malah, sikap yang dingin mengalahkan ais batu. Tiada sesiapa y...
Mylove Syahera [C] by erianaroselle
Mylove Syahera [C]by Eriana
hanya kerana hutang , Syahera Azurien gadis yang manja terperangkap dalam dunia gelap Danish Raykal yang merupakan pemberi pinjaman yang banyak kepada keluarganya . Kisa...
Goda's Slave (Lesbian, Dystopia, LGBT Fantasy) by pandouro
Goda's Slave (Lesbian, Dystopia, Pandouro
The daughter of a wealthy baron, Kanna Rava has enjoyed privilege far beyond that of most of her impoverished countrymen. Torn abruptly from that life by a twist of fate...
Musuhku Encik Suami ✔️ by CallMeSazzy
Musuhku Encik Suami ✔️by CallMeSazzy
[COMPLETED] Pertama, kau perlu tahu aku benci kau. Kedua, kau harus tahu aku benci kau. Ketiga, kau mesti tahu yang aku PALING AMAT BENCI KAU! "I hate her."- U...
His Cell Mate || Danti [FINISHED] by ArchWrites
His Cell Mate || Danti [FINISHED]by A·W
Darkiplier, best known as Dark, is the most popular and well known demon. Everybody fears him and if somebody doesn't, he makes them fear him. -Dark hates being manipul...
Give Me A Second Chance |✔️| by AnishaxAhsinashi
Give Me A Second Chance |✔️|by Anisha
Riya and Kayish were madly in love, so deeply that everyone believed that they would end up in a happy married life. That's how much he loved her. He was very possessive...
Love And Revenge✔️ by arummees
Love And Revenge✔️by arummees
What happens when everyone sees you the same way, a self absorbed, egotistical, spoilt, arrogant person even though you're not? But then you meet the one person who...
Married To Mr.Stethoscope by Three_idiots_india
Married To Mr.Stethoscopeby 3MeDicoS
#1 in Doctors⚕ #1 in Wattpadindia #1 in yourstoryindia #1 in indian💖 #5 in Romance on 15/5/18. #1 in Romedy hot list. "I don't want this!!! " I said. "...
Blissful life by wandrer31
Blissful lifeby krati jain
the description is given by my readers The story is best . It conveys the importance of relations .As we see how the relations are breaking I.e once the marriage is do...
▪︎ Come Back... Please ▪︎ [ Completed] by Mamree
▪︎ Come Back... Please ▪︎ [ Mamree
#Standalone .... A story based on IPKKND Character but can be read if you don't follow the show... A night of passion drew two soul close who were craving for each othe...
WALIJA (Completed)✔ by heemerh
WALIJA (Completed)✔by Hafsat Isa Mohammed
They were both forced into it... He was a drunkard... She was religious... What will happen when these two were forced to stay under the same roof? Will they be able to...
|| Distance Between Hearts || by Mamree
|| Distance Between Hearts ||by Mamree
Based On IPKKND 1 character... #Can be read as Standalone... Two Childhood friends.. Sweet memories, growing up together but with time, everything changed slowly...One p...
Disowned by graphic-hawk
Disownedby graphic-hawk
Anti's still dealing with the pain of his fellow Septic egos forcing him away from them. Did he deserve it? Maybe. Had he changed? Probably not. Did he regret it...
We are meant to be .. SHIVIKA✅ by Nakuulsurbhi
We are meant to be .. SHIVIKA✅by Netiiyah😊
Shivaay is the great businessman and he leads the Oberoi Empire in a way that awestrucks all the business leaders. He has tadi, arrogant and strict principles in busines...
Challenge Accepted, Bad Boy (Complete) by IISilver_DuskII
Challenge Accepted, Bad Boy ( Silver Gonzales
"If you win...?" He remained motionless for a second, before lifting his head and meeting my gaze. I could see the determination and hope swimming in his blue...
Never Break the Chain  by Captain_Black_Magic
Never Break the Chain by Laila Odindóttir
And if, you don't love me now You will never love me again I can still hear you saying You would never break the chain (Never break the chain) - The Chain, Fleetwood Mac...
ZABRANJENA MOĆ by milosavljevnatt
Lav Mayakovsky je brižan sin, predivan brat i prijatelj iz snova koji ima sve konce u rukama. Da li je spreman za oluju koja će mu pomutiti razum i probuditi nagon za ž...
Destined To Be With You by Sidra_Akhlaq
Destined To Be With Youby Maltesers & Marshmallows
"How I wish you had first seen your ugly face in the damn mirror before confessing your shitty feelings to me!" He smiled cunningly while taking a sip from his...
Hired For 9 Months by girls_and_probs
Hired For 9 Monthsby Kxn
*** 22 year old, Evelina Amore is desperately looking for money to help pay a deep debt, since her aunt held a mighty secret of hers, Evelina is determined to help her a...
EGO (JIKOOK  FF)  by akritishah
EGO (JIKOOK FF) by akriti shah
When you love your best friend but you are too egoistic to confess and on the other hand he loves someone else and you cannot hide your jealousy... #kookmin: 1st rank...