Chapter Fifty-Eight

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‘Get up! Get up!’ someone was shouting and jumping on my bed. I groaned.

‘It’s Christmas!’ another voice piped up. The jumping got worse. I groaned louder and turned around.

‘What?!’ I shouted sitting up and rubbing my eyes.

I opened them. There on my bed, was the whole crew, minus Justin, jumping with huge smiles on their faces. They were all wearing the all in one pyjamas, with little reindeers on them.

‘Nice pyjamas, how old are you all?’ I laughed.

‘Emm well I’m 18 and a quarter actually’ Demi smiled.

I laughed as I swung my les off my bed and stood up. ‘aah’ I winced my stitches were hurting.

‘uh uh, your stitches aren’t ruining your first Family Christmas’ Twist smiled as he came over and bet over so I could jump on his back. He carried me down, running with everyone else. We all sat around the tree. Christian was in the kitchen heating up the Christmas themed pancakes Katy had picked.

Nick put on Christmas music and Jasmine got out her phone and took pictures of us all. We grabbed some pancakes and all started opening our gifts. They all loved the ones I had got them. Nick put his sunglasses on, even though it was 8 in the morning and we were inside. Joe put his converse on over his pyjamas. Twist put on his chain. Jasmine wore the hoodie I got her. Rihanna screamed when she saw her bag and Katy did too when she say the make I had got her. Demi was almost crying when she saw the bracelet, love heart charm and the D charm. Christian loved the supras I got him.

I sat waiting for them to hand me my gifts. I mean I know them being here was gift enough but come on. They all sat grinning at me.

‘What? Do I have something on my face?’ I laughed.

‘Nope but we want to give you your present’ Katy smiled.

‘oh okay, on you go’ I laughed. Suddenly Demi got up and put a blindfold on me and I felt someone take my hand and lead me towards the lift.

‘Aw you guys, if this is some prank to like leave me out in the cold by myself it’s not funny’ I laughed as we got out and they led me outside. The breeze of cool air hit me. I shivered.

‘Okay you ready?’ Joe said from behind me.

‘Yah!’ I shivered.

He took the blindfold off. There, with a big red bow on top of it and the gang off leaning on it, was a brand new shining black range rover.

‘This is for me?!’ I screamed.

They all nodded laughing. ‘yeah look!’ Katy squealed taking my hand and leading me towards the car. She took me to the front. The license plate said ‘Mollster’ I burst out laughing.

‘This is amazing! Thank you guys so much!’ I squealed and hugged them. ‘hey do you guys wanna go sledding again? We can all pile into my awesome new car’ I grinned.

They all shouted and squealed so I took it as a yes. We all went back up stairs. I hopped on Joe’s back as we ran back into the apartment. Still no sign of Justin. I think everyone was thinking that when we came back in.

‘Normally, I wouldn’t give a shit about his petty little tantrum … but it’s Christmas.’ I sighed. So everyone get changed and meet down here in 20!’ I shouted grinning as I made my way up the stairs, wincing at each step. I walked along to Justin’s room. I pried the door open , he was sleeping. I looked over at his window and walked over to it. I opened it quietly and scooped up some of the snow.

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