Chapter Sixty-Three

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He didn’t look happy but I couldn’t help but laugh. ‘Dean is a guy at my new school, for registration I got put next to him and he’s in some of my classes, he also appears to be my next door neighbour’ I laughed.

Justin didn’t.

‘well what’s all this about you not wearing a shirt!?’ he said sternly.

That made me laugh even more, ‘he was just joking, he knew I was on the phone to you, he was just winding you up!’ I laughed.

‘Molly it’s not funny!’

‘Justin!’ I laughed, ‘he’s just a friend, you should know I’d never do anything’ I laughed softer, screwing my face up.

‘it just seems a little weird that you made friends with a guy’ he said sadly.

‘why?! What I can’t be friends with a guy because I go out with you?!’

‘well I know how a teenage guy thinks’ he shrugged.

‘oh yeah? Well when all the other guys were trying it on with me you know who wasn’t? Dean. In fact I’m pretty sure everyone knows I’m your girlfriend!’

‘I just don’t want you hanging around with him!’

‘why? He’s my only friend here!’

‘I don’t care!’

‘who are you to tell me what to do?! You don’t own me!’

‘but you’re my girlfriend! You’re mine!’

‘I am not your possession Justin I can do what I want!’ I shouted and slammed the laptop shut.

I groaned, I didn’t mean to lose it at him, I just missed him. Plus I only have 1 friend here so far so I’m not letting him take that away from me. I got up and got changed into a white tee, leggings and a checked shirt. I sat on my bed and looked out my window. Dean’s room was opposite mine and he was looking over smiling.

He waved. I waved back. I got an Idea. I pulled out a notebook from my bag and started to write on it. Yes I got my inspiration from Taylor Swift, but honestly I wasn’t opening the window so I could speak to him. It’s Scotland and it’s December I’d most likely die of hypothermia.

I wrote, ‘So is watching people through their windows like your hobby, perv?’ and turned it to face him laughing.

He shook his head and took out a notepad as well.

‘no, but when you live this close to a person, you can hear everything they shout at their boyfriend’ he laughed showing me it.

I looked down, ‘oh you heard that?’ I wrote.

He nodded, ‘you okay?’ he wrote.

I nodded, ‘are you sure you’re not gay?’ I laughed as I turned the pad to face him.

He tilted his head disapprovingly, fighting a smile. ‘I AM NOT GAY! I just know what it’s like to be new and needing a friend’ he smiled.

‘Well that was a pretty gay thing to say …’ I laughed as I showed him. He stuck his fingers up at me. ‘So we’re friends?’ I smiled and showed him the pad.

He shook his head, ‘No! I just hang about with you because you’re the fittest girl at school now!’ he laughed.

My jaw dropped as I laughed, ‘shut up! I am not! And I have a boyfriend! If he saw this …’ I laughed showing him the pad.

He nodded, ‘oh you are …. But yeah we’re friends (:’ he grinned.

‘Good :D’ I smiled and put the pad down and waved to him as I pulled the blind down. I lay along my bed and turned my ipod on. What was there to do here? My phone vibrated before I got the chance to think of anything.

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