Chapter One

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‘Class! Class! settle down!’ Mrs Brown my social education teacher screamed at the class, well I say screamed, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard hamsters with a louder voice than her.

‘Now today is a very special day’ she smiled. ‘we have a new member joining our class’

I groaned to myself. Great. Just what we needed, a new person. I bet it was a new girl who would be snapped up in the Venus fly trap that is Layla Gordons. We had a long history together. Ever since I’d started school I’d always got on better with the boys and I had been best friends with a guy named Justin Bieber ever since I was 4. We were in the same class and he was my partner for finger painting but we were always the two who would end up with most of the paint on each other. We shared snacks, lunches and juice cartons. We would play superheroes in my back yard til it got dark and then we’d go into my house and build a fort from pillows. He would defend me when Layla was being her usual bitchy self , basically he had been there for me for as long as I could remember we were practically like brother and sister. Well that was up until 3 years ago. He’d always been really good at singing but then he got discovered on you tube and got signed to ushers label. I was on holiday in Europe at the time but I couldn’t wait to get back to talk to him all about it. But when I got back he was already gone. He had moved to Atlanta without even saying good bye to me. I was devastated. We’d been friends for 10 years and he left without telling me where his new house was, what his new number was, nothing. Of course, I saw him on tv, on twitter, in magazines and all that. I saw the stuck up, girl using, overly flirty jerk he’d become compared to the awesome best friend I used to know and that I missed so dearly. Oh did I mention that he left the week before we had started high school? Boy did Layla use that against me. She got me known as the weirdo-loner girl before I’d even set foot in the school. She’d always hated how ‘different’ I was. Apparently because I preferred converse to stilettos, hoodies to tops cut so low you could see your nipples and that I chose not to basically be the blonde bimbo stereotype everyone else in this stupid little town chose to be that made me a weirdo. So I’ve spent my high school years so far sitting alone. Awesome right? But back to the story.

I slouched down I my seat. I really did not need another person to join Layla’s little crew that found so much pleasure in tormenting me. I would totally of hit her by now if it wasn’t for the simple fact that she had taken boxing lessons since she was 6, it was her talent for her pageants apparently. Then I noticed something which made my heart stop. The only empty seat in the whole class was next to me. Uh oh. I do not do well with new people, I’m more of a shy, awkward, face the other way and not strike up a conversation kinda girl. Unless it was a normal girl, in fact it didn’t even matter if it was a girl or boy - as long as they weren’t some stuck up football worshipping jerk or blonde bimbo, just some one normal. Because god knows I really need a friend.

I was so busy having an argument with myself that I didn’t notice the new person come into the class and walk beside me, my inner argument was only interrupted by the thump as the new kid sat beside me. Against my better judgement I turned round to look at them with a welcoming smile on my face. But as soon as I turned around the smile was wiped off. I was filled with anger, disgust, hurt, embarrassment, confusion and little bit of excitement all at one time.


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