Kirishima helps new student with traumatic past

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Aizawa sat with Yamada in the teacher's lounge at UA discussing in hushed voices what to do about the new student.

"Someone should be her mentor or something...not it," Aizawa said while sipping on a food packet. Yamada scratched the back of his neck.

"I'm already her super rad new dad, so I have my hands full there. She needs someone...bright-"



"With some iron patience."

They both hummed in response before the door to the lounge burst open and Kirishima ran through before skidding to a stop next to the table. "Sorry! All Might wanted to talk to both of you about the new student. Took me a minute to find this place, though..."

Yamada and Aizawa looked at each other and came to a silent agreement.

"Me?! I" Kirishima looked at the two teachers dumbfounded that they asked him to be a mentor of sorts to the new girl. He knew she'd been through quite a rough time and having someone around who could show her the ropes and help her adjust would be good...but why him of all people? Iida was class president. He could be a little stern and uptight, but he could handle something like this. Yaomomo, too. Maybe not Bakugou...Midoriya? Hmm..

"Focus!" Aizawa snapped in front of Kirishima's face, bringing him back to attention.


"You're a good kid, Kirishima. You got spunk and courage," Yamada said with a thumbs up.

"I hate to agree with him but he's right. You got Bakugou of all people out of his shell, and if you can do that, you can do this. You aren't nearly as weak as you think you are." Aizawa fixed Kirishima with a stare basically telling him he really had no say int he matter.

"I can...I can! Leave it to me!" Disappointing his teachers wasn't an option, so he resolved to not back down from this challenge. He could do it!

When classes were done for the day Kirishima stepped outside, waving goodbye to his friends as he headed towards the front gates of the school. "It's fine, it's cool, you got this, Kirishima!" He gave himself a small pep talk as he approached a figure standing out by the gates.

"Uh, hey! We're supposed to meet up? I'm Kirishima, by the way. I think things may seem kinda crazy right now but I'm sure you'll adjust in no time."

The confidence that Kirishima built up for this meeting faded when you turned around. Despite the tiredness behind your eyes and reserved body language he thought you looked...pretty.

You bowed slightly, which he didn't expect. "Kirishima...nice to meet you. My...Yamada sensei told me you were going to help me...adjust." He noticed your voice sounded a bit robotic, as though you'd been stripped of emotion or were afraid to be anything other than exceptionally polite. Maybe he could break you out of your shell with a bit of time and effort.

"Y-yeah...that's right. It doesn't have to be today, but I was wondering if you've ever been to an arcade? Played video games?" You shook your head and Kirishima was glad his first - and only - idea played out. "Great! I mean...not...let me start over. I think it'll be fun, there's lots of different kinds of games, no pressure. There's other people there, too, but it's not super crazy or anything. What do ya say?"

"I suppose I should experience new things. So yes, I'll go with you." Maybe it was Kirishima's bright smile or his earnest gaze or his enthusiasm, but you felt at ease with him in that moment.

"Great! I'll uh, get with you tomorrow about it. It's be fun, promise."

It would take time, but maybe learning about video games and new foods and things normal teenagers did if Kirishima was around wouldn't be as difficult as you imagined.

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