Modern! Bakugou meets Fantasy! s/o Pt. 2

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Part 1 is some chapters up so read that part first!


Two Bakugous, both with glaring red eyes, pale blonde hair, and confused expressions stared at each other as though about to face off in a deathmatch. No one moved a muscle, a wind that smelled of damp soil and bonfires blowing leaves at their feet.

You stared at the man you'd known the past two years, his fur-lined cape billowing behind him and hands out to his sides in a familiar fighting stance. Your eyes flitted over to the stranger in bizarre clothes. He looked exactly like your Bakugou, but he definitely wasn't...but he acted as though he knew you, so what in the hell was going on?

"Who are you?!" both Bakugou's yelled at each other at the same time. They growled, somehow mirroring actions and reactions almost perfectly.

"FUCK YOU, VILLAIN! SOME STUPID MIND TRICK MY ASS!" Using his quirk Bakugou blasted himself forward to the amazement and shock of you and the other Bakugou. He moved with quick and practiced reflexes in an attempt to blast the copycat away, but he rolled on the ground to avoid the blast before pulling a curved sword out from behind his cape.

There was something very wrong here, but you didn't want them to kill each other. "Stop, STOP! WAIT!" you yelled and stepped quickly between the two, your back to the Bakugou you knew and loved in an attempt to protect him from this strange Bakugou's magic. "Just hold on! Tell us who you are!"

"Hah?!" Bakugou pointed a finger at you as though you were in the wrong. "Me? What about you? This is a shitty villain trick trying to make me think I'm crazy or something? Pathetic."

"Who are you calling villain, you lame copy?" The other Bakugou spoke up behind you while waving his sword around in the air. "You're probably an illusion to trick us, but an ugly one at that!"



"SHUT UP, BOTH OF YOU!" you shouted to keep them from fighting again. "You," you said, pointing to the new Bakugou. "Where did you come from?"

He pointed to the well, worn and covered in vines and moss. "That nasty old well. I crawled out. Now answer my question: where the fuck am I?"

You shared a look with your Bakugou before glancing at the well. "You really came out of it...? Isn't there a story about the well, Katsuki?"

Without putting away his sword or taking his eyes off the newcomer Bakugou retold the ancient story about a well that supposedly connected two parallel words. It was just a legend, though, as no one had ever seen any concrete proof that such a thing was possible...until now.

When the story was over you noticed the body language of Bakugou staring at you. The anxiety and confused stress radiated off him in waves. He might be from a different world but he still exhibited similar behaviors of your own Bakugou. "Keep calm, OK? By the way, what magic do you use with your hands? Can everyone do that in your world?"

At being asked about his quirk Bakugou paused to center himself and concentrate rather than panic. "This?" He let off a few sparks of his quirk and watched the two of you tense. He smirked, feeling as though he had a slight upperhand. "It's a quirk. Most people in my world have one but they're all different - mine is explosions."

You hummed to yourself. "Somehow it fits..." Your Bakugou behind you gaped.

"What's that mean?!"

"You can be a bit explosive sometimes- but not in a bad way!"

Bakugou watched the two of you bicker which really shouldn't have surprised him; he and his partner, which he assumed was your own doppelganger, bickered in the exact same way over stupid shit. None of this helped him get back home, however.

"How do I get back?" his voice brought your attention back to the new Bakugou. You looked at your partner before frowning.

"Nothing like this has ever happened before...the well was just supposed to be a story-"

Bakugou was never one for waiting for answers; he ran to them himself, and the most obvious one stared him right in the face. "So long, extras!" He ran towards the well but stopped before hopping in. "Oh, y/n? You look hot in that whatever the fuck you're wearing."

"WHAT?! DON'T YOU-" The other Bakugou didn't finish his angry yelling before Bakugou hopped into the well he came out of. He felt himself fall the same way he did the first time, drifting farther than he knew the well reached until he landed with a similar thud on a cold stone floor.

" I back? Only one way to find out." He took a deep breath, hoped that he was where he belonged, and shot off his quirk straight through the top of the well and out into the open.

Things looked different but in a good way. You and the weird Bakugou were gone and the smells were more familiar...but there was no Kirishima. "Oi, Shitty Hair? You run away or something?!"

Something hard and fast tackled him to the ground. He immediately fired off his quirk in defense before a splash of red lit up his vision.


"Let go, moron! I'm fine!" He had to pry Kirishima off him in order to dust himself off and assess that he really was back home.

"Where did you go?" Kirishima asked desperately. Bakugou paused knowing Kirishima might believe the story of what just happened...but at the last second, he decided to tell a rare lie.

With a shrug, he grabbed his things and started walking. "Nothing exciting. We still need water, right? Let's go." A confused Kirishima followed behind with prying questions, but this might be one secret Bakugou would always keep.

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