Shinsou Halloween cat cafe

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The streets were lined with carved pumpkins and lights a mix of orange, white, and purple as the weather grew colder and drinks grew warmer. Only a week remained until October 31st, people scrambling to buy or craft the last details of their costumes while stocking up on candies and recipes filled with cinnamon and allspice.

Shinsou wasn't interested in the generalities of the holiday. Loud children grated on his nerves and dressing up sounded like a huge waste of money when he could candy if he wanted some.

Instead, he stuffed his chilly fingers into the pockets of his coat and walked down the street towards a location he'd been to many times before.

He hoped to get some peace and quiet, to grab some coffee and study for an upcoming test...but no, he couldn't even get that much done. The Cat Cafe was decorated with Halloween garlands and lights, just like the rest of the stores outside. Shinsou groaned but didn't take it out on the Cafe; they just wanted to stay in business and appealing to the holiday audience was easy.

But as are a result of the upcoming holiday and dreary decorations, people flocked to take pictures with the cats and smoking mugs of cider, foaming coffee, and pumpkin-spiced sweets.

There was one lone black cat that inhabited the cafe. Her name was Eclipse and her eyes were the perfectly striking shade of lime green that contrasted perfectly with her sikly black fur. Since it was Halloween, everyone wanted a picture with the black cat to post to social media. Pictures with her, pictures of her, videos, anything they could take, they got.

...For a minute, anyway. Eclipse wasn't fond of too many people showering her with attention at once and fled under tables and legs to avoid the fake shutter noise of phone cameras. Shinsou knew this well and snickered at the upset teenagers chasing her around the cafe desperately while he sipped on his coffee.

She managed to lose the group and they scattered like displaced roaches, resigned to take pictures of their cakes and seasonal drinks. After a few minutes, Shinsou felt the cushion next to him dip and, sure enough, Eclipse had hopped up onto the couch and settled herself to his right. It wasn't the first time she'd come to him for respite. He was a quiet patron, and Eclipse liked the quiet.

"Ooh, oh, there she is! Quick!" One of the girls pointed over towards Shinsou and grabbed her friends, all of them pulling their phones back out, but Shinsou promptly hid the black cat behind his schoolbook as they approached.

"Um, excuse me, can we-"

"No," he stated sternly with no room for debate, narrowing his eyes at them. They looked at each other confused before another stepped forward.

"We just want pictures with-"

"Yeah, I know. I said 'no' didn't you hear me the first time? She hates pictures. Buzz off and stop bugging the animals." Most of the group looked shocked at Shinsou's bold words. One brave soul tried to take a picture anyway and Eclipse hissed and reached forward to scratch them before they hopped backwards. "See? Leave the cat alone."

Resigned to defeat, the group of IG bloggers sulked back to their table, one of them sticking their tongue out at Shinsou for good measure but he didn't bat an eye in their direction. Eclipse purrsed at his side in what he assumed was cat for 'thanks' as he scratched her behind the ears and studied with renewed appreciation for silence.

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