Tokoyami x fem! s/o with android parents

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Your family was always...unconventional. Not everyone understood despite living in a world where quirks were the norm and the average person didn't bat an eye at someone with more than two arms.

Tokoyami received stares equally as often as your own family because of his appearance. Despite quirks appearing in a majority of the population, prejudice still existed when some were just a bit more different than others.

You were fully human but your family was not. Abandoned as a young child, people were skeptical to adopt you and others with unknown parents. Your quirk could be anything...could be destructive. Most wouldn't take a risk like that and instead adopted children whose quirks had already manifested.

Small and frail with no memories of a family or proper home you crawled around with the other children, playing with broken toys and torn books in the adoption home you remained in while waiting for a family to whisk you away.

To your surprise, it actually happened.

"Oh, she's perfect," the woman cooed at you, lifting you into her arms easily as the man next to her pinched your cheeks. "We'd like to adopt her, please."

The older woman standing in the hallway pushed up her hornrimmed glasses with a skeptical look. "You sure? Most people don't want children without developed quirks. Who knows what she might be capable of."

The woman and man looked at each other before turning back to the owner of the orphanage. "We're sure."

You grew up in a home without any humans aside from yourself. Your parents didn't need to eat or sleep but they cooked food for you and laid you down with them when you had nightmares. They looked human for the most part, but their skin was made of metal and seams ran across their joints. There were human parents who were far less kind and accommodating than your own.

Being around humans felt bizarre when you grew up as the only one around. They sent you to school but you were always glad to return back home to familiarity.

When you met Tokoyami, everything changed.

His quirk scared people, but you didn't mind Dark Shadow. It wasn't human, either. You were used to this, and he appreciated it.

Eventually, he told revealed his insecurities about his appearance and his quirk. He didn't really mind appearing "scary" to people, but Heroes were supposed to make you feel safe, not afraid. There was nothing he could do to change any of that, though.

After this you figured he should meet your parents. Maybe they could relate to each other and get along.

"Oh! Is this...Tokoyami, correct?" your mother questioned when she opened the door with that warm smile of hers. She hadn't aged a day since long before she adopted you.

"Ah, yes..." he replied hesitantly. He wanted to make a good impression.

"Please, do come in." The two of you walked inside and your mother closed the door behind you.

Your father walked in from the kitchen wearing an apron with a very Dad-like quote on it and you couldn't help but groan. "Welcome to our home, young man! Dinner is almost ready."

There was no fear, no questioning looks, no odd stares. It felt...nice.

"Are you surprised?" your mother asked while sitting on the couch across from you and Tokoyami. He fumbled with his words but your mom just smiled. "It's alright. I know we're a bit different but that's what makes us unique, I think."

At the misunderstanding he leaned forward. "No, no, not at all. The opposite is true, actually. It is normally others who do not understand the darkness..."

"But, you look perfectly fine to me. And you make our daughter happy. So...that means you're family, I think." She stated this as absolute fact despite her unsure tone. If it felt right, it must be true.

Dark Shadow came out and started crying, your mother doting on it and wiping away tears as though it was her own child. He would in just fine here, you thought. Just fine.

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