Todoroki w/ an s/o who travels a lot

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Todoroki grew up without much social interaction since he was mostly kept away from his siblings by his father, but hitting highschool he grew connected with people and friends and understood the importance of a sense of belongingThe both of you have been Pro Heroes for several years now working in the same city but at different agencies. He's grown used to your company and just the previous year you both got an apartment together; he feels like he can make his own life and choices since he's not under his father's thumb anymore. He appreciates the patience you've had with himWhen you find out your agency wants to offer you another job opportunity to work in a different city to help improve relations between long distance agencies you and Todoroki have to talk about it since long-distance hasn't come up beforeHe wants you to be happy and knows how hard you both worked to become Pro Heroes and it would be selfish of him to keep you from a positive career move even if it means both of you have to work harder at communicating and things may be a bit roughUltimately you decide to take the offer. He sees you off at the train station and just holds you for a while until you have to pull away or you'll miss the train. When the train finally pulls out he feels an odd sense of loneliness he hasn't felt in a long while; it makes him uncomfortableWhen he makes it back home everything just seems too quiet. Normally he doesn't mind the silence but knowing you aren't there, and won't be back for at least a month, it feels like a deep echo in his ears You call him when you arrive in the new city and he immediately feels better after hearing your voice. He hadn't realized the whole apartment had dropped down several degrees once he got home but now felt just a little warmerHe occupies himself with his own hero work and goes to visit his mother and siblings when he can but when he comes home he gets a feeling of isolation again. He leaves the TV on but doesn't bother watching it, something to just down out the sound of silence and your absenceYou both text back and forth frequently and you end up surprising him when you come back for your first visit. The apartment is slightly messier than when you left it but that's fine - it still feels like home. Todoroki sticks to you like glue for the entire time you're backWhen you leave again and he gets back home from the station he's surprised to find a sticky note on the fridge. It just says "miss and love you lots!" with hearts drawn all over it. He keeps the note on the fridgeOver the next few weeks he finds more hidden notes that you'd left for him to remind him you're still there and are thinking of him and home while you're away. He keeps every single one and, especially if there's been a rough day of hero work, he reads through them all over againWhen he brings you home for the last time you see he'd grabbed up all your notes (you left him new ones every time you visited) and put them in a jar so he could just shake it up and pull out a random one whenever he wanted, like a love note jarYou both cook dinner together and for the first time in a year the apartment feels warm like a winter fire

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