Stripper! Bakugo x Birthday girl reader

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"Oh my god I can't believe you actually took me here..." you groaned, letting your head fall into the palms of your hands in the back seat of Ochaco's car as she pulled into the dimly lit parking lot. A building, matte black on the outside with glowing neon letters above the double doors, was visible through the windshield.

"It's your BIRTHDAY! So, yeah, we're not holding back!" Mina screeched while shaking your shoulders. "You have to go to a strip club at least once, and I've heard the guys here are super mega hot."

You groaned and could already feel your ears burning. "If I pass out you get to drag my ass back home."

"Deal!" Ochaco chirped as she turned off the car. Everyone piled out of the car and walked towards the double doors, showing their ID's to the bouncer before entering. Immediately you were hit with an odd combination of smells: clean carpet, alcohol, and sweat. The lights were dim, casting a sensual glow over the whole room as raucous laughter and whistles sped over the music playing in the background.

Looking around you could tell there was at least one bachelorette party that was being entertained by a handsome-looking man with bright red hair and eyes to match, the colored lights casting his muscles in a halo of slow, deliberate movement. You had to tear your eyes away before you tripped over your own two feet.

You had no clue how tonight would go.

Mina led all of you towards a table by the bar, the lush red seats surprisingly comfortable as everyone looked curiously at the empty stage a few feet away. After a moment a shirtless man wearing pants that might be just one size too small came up and asked for drink orders. You ordered something strong, knowing 1. you weren't paying, and 2. liquid courage was necessary for this whole ordeal.

"Oh I almost forgot!" Mina dug into her giant purse and pulled out a cheap-looking plastic tiara that said BIRTHDAY GIRL in sparkly letters, which she fitted sloppily on top of your head. "So the guys know which one they should give their attention to," she said with a wink. Ochaco just patted you on the back; she was here for the show, too.

You and your friends were totally unaware a couple of the employees were figuring out who would entertain your group.

"That one with the tiara is cute, she looks shy as hell though," a man with bright yellow hair said as he tapped on his chin. His coworker scoffed before tossing back a sip of water.

"Maybe I can bring her out of her shell then. Stand back and watch a pro," the man with pale blonde hair said before making his way over to your table with a saunter that oozed of confidence and sex appeal. "Hi, you all look bored. Mind if I change that?"

Immediately the table quieted down as you stared up at the insanely gorgeous man staring down at you. He was slim but well built with broad shoulders, and you knew he had abs hiding behind that black tank top of his. But his eyes, his eyes were like treasured rubies glistening with curiosity.

Mina cleared her throat. "Oh, oh yeah! It's our friend's birthday today and she absolutely needs the start treatment, uh Mr...?"

"Just Bakugo," he said, tone sultry and low. "And you are?" he asked, turning towards you.

"I-I'm (y/n)..." you managed to mutter out while trying not to stare...wait, were you supposed to stare? Was it rude here not to stare?! Before you could come up with an answer the man hopped up on stage...and started to move.

You remained his center of attention throughout the show. His movements were lithe and deliberate, steps light but full of power as he never took his eyes off you. Your throat had never been so dry in your entire life, at leas that's what you thought until he slowly slid off his shirt revealing - you were right - a perfectly toned torso like you'd only seen in magazines. Mina and Ochaco were also drooling, but Bakugo only gave them cursory glances, enjoying your flustered expressions a bit too much.

Eventually he stepped off the stage and slid behind your chair, his warm hands coming up to lightly run down the goosebumps on your shoulders and arms before whispering in your ear "this will be a birthday you never forget, (y/n)." Oh, oh he was certainly right but your voice was gone, evaporated, completely disappeared and all you could do was nod while Ochaco snickered and Mina stared.

You had no clue when his pants disappeared but they did and oh no he had a nice butt and-

"Your crown makes you look like a queen," Bakugo cooed as he leaned over you in your hair, basically trapping you in as your skin buzzed and your pulse raced. "I'm the King here, so it's only fitting I please the Queen." He licked his lips, and at that point you promptly passed out in your chair.

Yeah, this was definitely a birthday you'd never forget. 

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