Dragon! Kirishima falls in love with townsperson Reader

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The day was beautiful and the breeze was clean and cool as Kirishima sat against a tree, resting in the grass after a long day of exploring the open wilderness of the forest. His eyes closed ready for sleep when he heard a splash nearby, his eyes snapping open in response.

"Hm..?" Silently he crawled along the dew-stained grass, making his way towards the sound of running water. Red eyes focused from behind a tree towards the river on someone standing at the edge. You carried buckets on their shoulders, dipping low to fill them with cool water, a gentle humming tune making his ears twitch with curiosity.

When you turned around he hid behind the tree, careful to avoid being seen. He was aware not all humans appreciated dragons or half-dragons, often hunting or banishing his kind out of fear...as a result he was often lonely, flying from one area to the next in search of companionship.

As the human passed by, Kirishima glanced over his shoulder at you in secret, the pleasant song putting a smile on his face. Because he kept away from towns music was a luxury he often wasn't afforded, though when he did hear it his tail wagged happily.

"Mm...maybe...I should stay for a bit?"

You came back the next day, and the next, and the next, Kirishima watching silently from afar as you filled buckets or washed clothes, rarely taking the time to just sit for a moment and enjoy the calm atmosphere of the forest. You did enjoy singing, though, much to Kirishima's delight.

A yelp brought him back to reality as he daydreamed, crimson eyes focusing on the water. The object of his daily attention had accidentally fallen into the river while trying to reach a bucket that had drifted away from them.

"Great...just- huh?" A hand extended out towards you, and looking up it was attached to a very cute man with bright red hair and pointy teeth and...a...tail? "Uh..uh!"

"N-no please don't be scared! I was just trying to help you out..." Kirishima kept his hand extended and reluctantly you took it, eyes trained on him for any sudden movement as he helpedyou out of the river, clothes now dripping wet and a bucket lost to the rapids downstream.

"Are you...one of the dragon folk that people talk of? I thought you'd be bigger for some reason..."

Kirishima scratched the back of his head nervously, hoping you wouldn't run to town and drive him away. "Oh, I'm just half dragon. Don't ask how that happens, I'm not really sure myself! And um...please don't tell anyone I'm here, most people don't like my kind.."

He'd helped you out of the water and he seemed friendly enough, so you agreed to keep his existence a secret. "Do you live around here?"

"I'm just passing through, exploring really. But I think I'll stick around for a while, it's pretty here."

You nodded. "It is...well, I have to get back to town. Thanks for helping me um..?"

"Oh! Kirishima. I'm Kirishima. And no problem at all!"

With that you grabbed their remaining bucket and walked back down the worn path towards town, glancing over your shoulder at Kirishima before disappearing under the shade of large trees.

Days passed easily as you continued to return to the river - Kirishima found your lost bucket and returned it to you to prove he didn't mean any ill will - and he became a friend, someone to talk with easily and confide in outside of the gossip and drama in town.

Despite his more gruff appearance he was actually very kind and gentle, telling you of different far-off place he's seen...while also confiding with you about being treated badly by other humans or other dragons being driven out of their homes by people seeking fame and glory. It madeyour heart sink knowing Kirishima was just looking for a place to call home.

The weeks turned into months as the two of you grew closer and closer. Kirishima would fall asleep in your lap, tail wrapping around your legs with a content smile on his face as you hummed him a soft tune. He also enjoyed scratches under the chin and behind the ear, his expressions making you laugh.

As winter set in Kirishima didn't leave, and instead was invited to stay with you in secret within your home, warm and protected from the outside cold and chill. He settled with you under the covers of their bed, huddled neatly and comfortably. Kirishima was naturally a bit warmer than humans, though he still didn't enjoy the cold. Having a bed to sleep in was new as well, but he certainly didn't mind considering present company.

His chin rested neatly in the crook of your shoulder, a hand threading through your hair as moonlight cascaded through the closed window into the room. "Ya know, I'm glad I found this place and decided to stay. It kinda feels like..."

"Home?" you answered for him, arms winding around his warm torso. He nodded into your hair.

"Yeah, home sounds nice."

The winter didn't seem quite so cold anymore. 

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