Bakugo x Villain! Reader

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"The air is cool tonight," you mumbled as you walked down the street, moving shadow cast down on the wet pavement under warm and flickering street lamps. You'd made a decision, and there was no turning back now.

"I think you'll be perfect," Shigaraki cackled as you looked in the mirror. Everything was set, the plan was in motion.

You wondered if he would fall for this pathetic facade you wore. Not that you were bad at lying by any means, only that Ground Zero was exceptionally perceptive and famously skeptical. He didn't trust easily, if at all.

"Just follow it exactly as we rehearsed and the plan will succeed," he said with a hand on your shoulder, one finger poised in the air so as not to turn you into dust.

The precinct lights were bright and visible as you neared you destination. People - ordinary people - walked by without having any idea who you were or what you planned on doing. You took a deep breath before placing a hand on the door to the police station.

Everything was going well. Surprisingly well. You'd studied his personality and went through fake scenarios with Twice and Toga to prepare. He was enamored by you, no clue as to who you were or the underlying nature of this meeting.

Nothing of particular interest happened during the first meeting, or even the second. "Take it slow, earn his trust," you said to your mirrored reflection in the bathroom of the restaurant.

His eyes glowed in the single flickering candle set atop a deep emerald tablecloth. He laughed rarely, but it was a pleasant sound.

"Hello? How can we help you?" an officer behind the desk asked. He looked stern but nice enough.

"I'd like to turn myself in," you answered in a stern and commanding voice. "I work for the League of Villains."

Several officers nearby turned their heads at your declaration, but you didn't waver.

"You can't be serious," Bakugo mumbled lazily on the couch. "That movie sucks."

"Does not, maybe you just have shitty taste." He smacked you in the face with a pillow for that one before a warm hand snaked around your back.

His warm breath pooled around his lips like steam, seeping into the the crease of his mouth before it broke out in a snarky grin. "I'm dating you, aren't I? So it can't be that shitty."

"Excuse me? What did you say?" You repeated yourself for the officer, this time louder so everyone in the room could here. Running wasn't an option. It hurt too much.

"If you do not arrest me right now I'll destroy this entire building and everyone in it," you threatened. The look of shock on their faces told you they now took you seriously.

The sun peeking through the shuttered window warmed the covers of the bed in an intoxicatingly comfortable way. It really was too early.

He slept next to you, pale hair messy with just the smallest bit of drool pooling onto the pillow case. A strong arm lay limp across your midsection.

The calm of his normally angry face was so rare that you wanted to drink in the sight. "This is just a job," you mouthed into the still air of the bedroom. "It won't be long now."

The handcuffs were cold on your wrists as several officers subdued you. Some still looked skeptical of who you were and why you'd turn yourself in so suddenly, but you could explain all that later.

Wind rushed in from the open door as someone walked in. You turned your head when someone whispered. "Look! Isn't that-"

He stood out of breath, silhouetted by the darkness outside. After you left, he must've chased after you.

The flowers were in full bloom right now on the mountain pathway. Bakugo led you up the trail, egging you on while asking for a race. He got pissed when you actually beat him.

"You're a fuckin' cheater," he said while looking down from the edge at the endless view. A sunset made of mandarins and fresh lavender sunk down into a horizon of jagged trees. No postcard could capture this beauty, really.

"Shut up, sore loser." You grabbed his hand. He stilled like he always did, but soon eased into the affection. Only when the two of you were alone would you see him like this.

He whispered in your ear, and you bit your lip at his words. "Just a job..." you thought once more. "This isn't real."

"What the fuck is going on?" Bakugo demanded. "The hell? Why is she in cuffs? She didn't do-"

"It's OK, Katsuki," you said while turning towards him with a sad smile. "I turned myself in."

He stilled with narrowed eyes and open mouth. "Why?" The question hung in the air like an empty noose from a tree, desperate for something to fill in the gap.

The ice cold water of the shower wasn't enough. It didn't sting like you needed it to in order to wake you up from this. Emotions weren't supposed to get in the way. This was just a job.

"Fuck...I can't do this." Your heart throbbed under your cold skin, beating hopelessly against the echo of your rib cage. It hurt. It hurt so much more than you thought it would. "It wasn't supposed to be like this!"

"I really did love you, you know. That was real," you said as warm tears stung the corners of your eyes as an officer tugged on your cuffs. "It wasn't supposed to be...but it was."

Bakugo stood still as a statue, frozen at the sight of you in handcuffs as he pieced together what was happening. "I don't understand. Tell me what the fuck is going on!" This wasn't real. Nothing was supposed to be real. But it was.

"Shigaraki will be pretty mad...but I don't care anymore." Tears fell openly now as Bakugo called after you, several officers holding him back from chasing you through the doors to the holding cells.

"Sorry...for everything."

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