Kiri gets turned into a baby!

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It was just supposed to be a normal fight against an average villain. And he was winning! At least he was, until he started shrinking...smaller...smaller...until he was less than half his original height. A shrinking quirk?!

No...looking at his hands, they were pudgy and short and he no longer fit in his hero costume properly...oh, oh sh-

"Wh...Kirishima?! Oh god what happened...?" A familiar voice made his head turn as his s/o came running at him, a concerned look on their face. For some reason he felt like crying. "You're so little now! Oh no, c'mere, don't cry..."

They wrapped him up in his oversized costume and picked him up as he clung to the front of their shirt, fat tears rolling down his now pudgy cheeks. "Mm...sowwy.." Kirishima said, sniffling.

"Hey it's ok, manly men cry, too! I assume this quirk will wear off at some point...are you hungry?" Kirishima, now approximately a three year old, nodded enthusiastically at the mention of food, sadness forgotten for the time being.

They carried him to their home, setting him down on the couch as he sucked his thumb. "Jeez you're a cute kid...sit still and I'll get you a snack, mk?"

"No!" he yelled, an adorable pout on his face. "Pick me up! Pick me up!" His s/o sighed before picking him up again and carrying him to the kitchen.

"Cute...but clingy. Alright lets see...ha, I don't really have baby food here. How about...cereal?"


"No candy, you need real foo-"

"Candy!" He pounded his little fists into their shoulder, about to throw a tantrum if he did NOT get some candy in his mouth soon.

"Cereal or you're going down for a nap!" The raised voice and threat of a nap made his big red eyes water. "Oh, oh no sorry sorry...fine! Candy it is!" The tears dried up as quickly as they appeared.

After cleaning up a mess of candy wrappers they managed to brush his sharp teeth for him. He really did not like the taste of toothpaste, but too bad.

Wrapped up in a blanket toddler Kirishima was now sucking his thumb watching one of the few animated movies you owned, eyes looking sleepy but still glued to the screen. "I'm tired...babysitting is tiring. Hopefully you'll turn back tomorrow..." they yawned out.

They both fell asleep on the couch, the movie still playing in the background.

The distinct sound of loud snoring woke them up, drool seeping into the old couch cushions as they felt a heavy weight on top of them. A grown up Kirishima was snuggled up into their chest, strong arms wrapped around them like a pillow. The blanket he was wrapped in just barely covered everything since his hero costume didn't fit the previous day, making his s/o blush furiously.

"W-wake up, ding dong!" They pinched his nose until Kirishima sputtered awake, sitting up from the couch rubbing the sleep from his pretty red eyes.

"Huh?...What...oh, hey! I turned back!" Kirishima looked at his s/o. "Thanks for taking care of me, yesterday...sorry I ate all your candy, ha!"

"Eh, you aren't so bad as kid...glad to have you back though," they said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Now, please put on some clothes..."

"Huh...? Why am I naked?!"

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