Bakugo gets turned into a baby!

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"Get back here you shit!" Bakugou yelled at the villain who dodged and skittered around fleeing civilians. He jumped into the air ready to tackle them to the ground when he suddenly fell flat on his face. What?! He never missed! What happened?

"Bakugou!" He heard his s/o yell behind him. They were following the villain as well, but of course he wanted to be the one to catch him. "Where are you?!"

"I here!" What...his voice, what the hell was wrong with his voice?!

"Baku...oh my god. You're a baby!" His s/o finally caught up and they stood...quite a bit taller than him now, looking down with a questioning expression.

"I not!" Bakugou yelled, his face turning red from frustration. He wasn't a kid, he was a big boy! They tried unsuccessfully to hold back a laugh; he tried to kick them in the leg for good measure but tripped over his now oversized hero costume, tears welling up in his angry eyes.

"Oh, c'mere...don't cry." They picked him up off the ground, wiping the tears from his face. He struggled in their arms, not wanting to be picked up or treated like the temporary child he was. "Hold still!"

"Put me down!" People around were starting to stare at this point, so his s/o decided it was best to move away from the public lest someone call the police on a negligent non-parent. They wrapped him up in his hero costume like a cocoon, carrying him like a swaddled bundle to their home.

"I'm so sorry,'ll probably turn back soon. But until then you gotta be a good boy, alright? If you are I'll give you a treat!" He sat in a comfy arm chair struggling out of his makeshift wrappings with an angry face, but the word "treat" made him stop. If there was one thing that motivated him right now, it was the possibility of a reward. He could be a good boy, the best boy there ever was!

"I good!"

"Aww that's my boy! Now sit here for a minute, OK?" They left him alone for only a second, wanting to find some clothing to put him in...but while sifting through their drawers a pair of small hands clung to their pants leg. "What's wrong?"

"Mm..." Baby Bakugou rubbed his face into their pants, hiding his embarrassment. "You left..."

"I'm right here, don't worry." They found an oversized shirt to put him in that acted like a long blanket. "Want to play hide and seek?" Wanting to tire him out they hoped a couple of games would make the day go by faster so he'd turn back quicker.

Unfortunately, little Bakugou was bustling with energy and wore THEM out before he was even close to tired.

"Ugh..." they moaned on the bed, Bakugou jumping up and down using it as a trampoline. "C'mere you!" It was weird having a toddler for a boyfriend, but he still made a pretty adorable kid. After a tickle fight Bakugou's big red eyes finally started to close, tired from the day's activities.

"Sleepy..." He cuddled up next to them on the bed as he promptly fell asleep. They pulled the covers over him before settling in as well.

"Yeah, me too...goodnight, Bakugou..."

Bakugou woke up first, unfamiliar smells making his nose scrunch up. "Wh..." His arm was wrapped around something warm and soft...oh. OH.

He was in his s/o's bed, an arm draped around them. Memories of the previous day flooded back as he growled, waking up the other person in the bed. Before they could speak, though, he put a rough hand over the mouth, eyes glaring daggers.

"Tell no one," he gritted out before pulling them in close and closing his eyes to drift back off to sleep, enjoying a few more moments of warm comfort before settling back into adulthood.

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