Knight! Reader x Dragon! Bakugou Pt. 2

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Bakugou looked up at you from his pitiful angle on the ground. He never looked up at anyone, always down. One of his wings had been slashed so he could no longer fly easily, his movements staggered and sloppy. A deep gash lay across his stomach, blood seeping from it and barring his skin a bright red before it soiled the ground beneath him.

He'd been so busy actually enjoying your stupid sparring matches that he'd become complacent of all things. Most of the humans that fought him never came back after one or two failed attempts...but you returned. That kind of stubborn determination sickened him because it reminded him of himself.

It was almost like he wanted you to improve, wanted you to grow stronger, to see what you were truly capable of for his own selfish satisfaction of defeating you at at the height of your abilities. He, however, had not improved or trained properly in many years. Stagnant, constant, bored. My own fucking fault, he thought bitterly as the sword you held pressed against the skin under his jaw.

So what held you back? He watched the waver in your arm, the hesitation in your eyes. You wanted this, right? To take his bloodied head to that fat and wretched King and bathe in gold and praise.

"Why?" Your voice cut through the otherwise silent whispers of the forest.

"Why what?" he asked with a sneer. "Just take my head and-"

"Why do you stay here? There are no other dragonfolk around, you are alone, and have conquered nothing proper. Dragons should want fame and glory, right?" You wanted an answer to satisfy your naive curiosity, that much was obvious. Something to justify his slaying other than just being told that you should do it.

Memories flooded him, drenched in the rain of his past, and he laughed - or attempted to the best he could through his injuries. A trickle of blood seeped from the corner of his mouth. If was going to die here then he might as well tell you the truth. "You humans spin one-sided tales and history lessons. That wretch of a King you kneel to? He ordered the destruction of my entire clan when he was young and power-hungry. You wonder why there are no other dragonfolk around? Because most of them are dead," he spat bitterly as though swallowing the dregs of cold tea.

The sword on his neck eased as he watched you gasp as your face turned to shock. "All of...? But the King-"

"Don't trust the words of power blindly. He's been trying to get rid of me for years, but I know that if I tried to storm the town by myself then he'd just sick an army and even I'm not dumb enough to think I could face a thousand or more soldiers. An endless stalemate."

He could see the gears turning in your head as you processed his words, revelations upending what you'd known to be true your entire life. With a frustrated grunt you turned your back on him and walked a few paces, arms and shoulders shaking.

This was his chance. He could get up and end you now, even in his injured state. If you left him alone he'd heal over time.

...But he hesitated just long enough for you to turn back around.

"My whole life I'd worked hard to overcome the assumptions and expectations made about wasn't for the fame or gold or anything. Just to be recognized as an equal."

In the pale afternoon light streaming through the whispering trees, rays of orange and white and bronze highlighted you in such a way that Bakugou swore you looked almost angelic.

"You came back day after day when the rest gave up. They were weak in comparison to where you now stand. Don't drive to be equal, work to be greater." He didn't know why he said what he said, but Bakugou wasn't about to take any of it back.

You padded towards him slowly with your blade raised and he cursed under his breath, thinking you'd lulled him into complacency with honey-laced words just to finally end him here...but instead you knelt down and stabbed your sword into the ground by his head.

"I don't know what to do now...I'd followed the words and guidance of those in power above me, but now I just feel like I need to...I need to find my own way."

"Don't ask me what you should do, figure it out yourself."

"Do you plan on staying here? Even now? Stagnant doesn't seem to fit you, Bakugou of the Fire Clan." Were you...letting him go? Were you going to let him live? Was this some act of pity you threw his way?

He moved to get up but groaned at the pain in his abdomen, a fresh new stream of blood running down his side from his wound. "Why do you care what I do?"

You sighed and moved to stand up, and for a split second his finger twitched to reach out to you, to keep you here. But again he hesitated for a moment too long and let you go.

"I don't want to kill you anymore...I was only doing it because the King wanted it. And I've gotten stronger, and I'm satisfied with that. Maybe we'll meet again, maybe we won't. But if we do...I won't mind a rematch, I think."

Without another word, you grabbed your sword from the ground and sheathed it, his blood still caked on the blade. Wait, his mind screamed while he bit his tongue.


But you were gone, and again he was alone.


I will probably write another part to this for sometime in future but please don't beg me to write another part or anything i'll get to it when i get to it

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