Bakugou helps Kirishima confess by making his crush jealous

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Eyes drifted across the room – again – distracting Kirishima from the reading work he should be doing. He gripped his textbook, crinkling the pages before returning back to the blur of type on the page in front of him. It didn't take long for his eyes to drift again.

At first things were simple, friendly, casual. He saw you in action during training, in awe at how you used your quirk. Kirishima naturally gravitated towards strong people, seeing them as respectable in their ability to jump into the fray without hesitation; it's part of the reason he was so drawn to Bakugou despite his less-than-friendly demeanor towards most people. It was just admiration.

Things started to shift over time, however. The more Kirishima hung out with you, the more attached he got. He realized something was off when the sound of your laughter made his palms sweaty, when your smile made his face feel hot, when the way you said his name made his throat go dry. But he couldn't tell you once he realized his feelings went farther than just simple friends.

He was boring, average, plain. His quirk wasn't anything ostentatious, it didn't make him stand out among the crowd; hell, Tetsutetsu in 1-B had a quirk almost identical to his own...what was special about him? Would you ever choose him over someone with a better quirk, stronger, more charming? Nah, you'd never choose him. He'd settle for friend. Yeah, that was fine by him.

Except it wasn't.

"Oi! Pay attention, shitty hair!" Bakugou slammed his book down on his desk, jarring Kirishima out of yet another daydream. "Can't believe I agreed to tutor you when you're not even paying attention..."

"Uh, sorry Bakugou! Just uh, have some stuff on my mind is all," Kirishima confessed, scratching the back of his neck nervously. Bakugou was aware of his crush, and was assuredly getting annoyed at Kirishima's lack of backbone in just telling their classmate how he felt, already.

"Just fucking tell (y/n) already. You're always talkin' about manly shit right? So suck it up already." Bakugou was never one to hold back when it came to honesty, which was usually refreshing for Kirishima. This was a sore subject, however, since it dealt with insecurities that no one really knew about.

"Uh, maybe...I dunno, man. Rejection sucks...I'll think about it." Bakugou growled but the let the subject drop seeing Kirishima's wistful expression.

A couple of days passed and, of course, Kirishima kept his mouth shut which pissed off Bakugou even more. He decided to take things into his own hands to move things along.

It was an average day during lunch, everyone gathered around their usual tables. However, Kaminari was the first to notice that Bakugou was missing, and even though he seemed unenthusiastic about lunch at times, he never missed a proper meal considering how much his quirk took out of him.

"Yo, you seen Bakugou? He was in class earlier," Kaminari questioned. Kirishima, Sero, and Mina shook their heads.

Looking around the room, however, Kirishima nearly chocked on his lunch. There was Bakugou, all right...talking to his crush. To her face. Standing very closely. He didn't even LIKE her that much, but tolerated her presence because he knew of Kirishima's massive crush. So why...?

"...don't pass up this opportunity (y/n), I'm a great fuckin' catch." Bakugou's words from across the room echoed in Kirishima's ears and before he realized what he was doing Kirishima stood up from the lunch table and marched over to your table, determined look on his face. There was no way Bakugou was trying hit on you, not on his watch!

"Sorry, bro, but I gotta talk with (y/n) for a second," Kirishima stated, voice surprisingly steady as he grabbed your hand, leading you out of the cafeteria outside into the courtyard. Bakugou smirked to himself, hoping his plan worked before grabbing lunch.

"...can't believe this, bros don't pull that shit, so unmanly..." Muttering to himself, you finally yanked your hand free of his grip when you two were alone.

"Hey! What's wrong? You seemed kinda angry back there..." You said, concern lining your features making Kirishim'a expression soften, just a bit.

He then realized what he was doing and nearly froze on the spot, feeling heat rise to his cheeks. But if he lied, then he'd look like a weirdo, leading you outside for no reason! Damn his impulse control!

Your hand waved in front of his face, bringing him back to attention. "Helloooo, earth to Kirishima. What's the deal?"

"Uhm, sorry...I just..." well, it was now or never, right? Just like Crimson Riot would say, no regrets! "I saw Bakugou talking to you and I got, sorta, I dunno jealous? Because I like you OK?! You're super strong and your quirk is cool and you're really pretty and respectable and manly and-" You pressed a gentle finger to his lips, shutting up his train of thought.

"Jealous, huh? And you really...think all that stuff?" Now it was your turn to feel embarrassed. You'd always had a crush on the red head, but didn't want to ruin your friendship in case he didn't return your feelings. He nodded vigorously, making you smile. "Well, the only thing to do is make sure Bakugou doesn't get another chance! What do you say? Wanna give this a shot?"

The bright grin of realization that spread across his face lit a fire in your chest before he picked you up and spun you around, laughter filling the courtyard.

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