Dragon! Kirishima x Reader

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All you could do was run.

I can't believe I was so stupid. Your legs ached and your chest heaved as you sprinted through the dense forest, the ominous voiceless sounds of crunching leaves and broken twigs behind you as your pursuers slowly closed the gap between you.

Kirishima was only supposed to be gone a day or two. He told you that, no matter what, you shouldn't leave the keep.

"But what if you're not back in two days?" He looked at your pleading eyes and shook his head.

"Then keep waiting. They're after us - after you - we both know that. You have to stay here." Kirishima placed his warm clawed hands on your shoulders to steady you while looking into your eyes. "Promise me."

You hesitated before finally nodding. "Yes...I promise."

That conversation was almost a week ago, and you'd had no choice but to go out and search for Kirishima. What if he'd been captured? Even though he didn't tell you exactly where he was going, you knew him well enough at this point to have a rough idea.

So that's where you went, and that's exactly how you ended up in this situation.

Maybe they were lying in wait for you to leave the safety of Kirishima's keep to spring their trap. You should've just waited for him to come back; he always came back, no matter how long you waited. But you hated waiting, and things felt so tense now that your panic and heartache overrode your logic.

You ran until your legs felt like jelly and your lungs could carry no more air. Eventually, it didn't matter at all because you skidded to a stop in front of a sheer cliff, not paying attention to where you were going in your panic to escape.

A group of bandits, well-known around the area for their ruthlessness and hatred of dragonfolk, finally managed to corner you. "Ah, gotcha...couldn't get away. And there's no ratty dragon around to save yeh this time."

"Get away from me," you growled with what little energy you had left. They all just laughed at your pathetic attempt at intimidation.

The leader, a large man with a smile that reeked of old liquor and blood, gestured to another who pulled out a length of rope. "Tie 'em up."

One step, then two, then three towards you. The edge of the cliff connected with the heel of your boot. There was nowhere left to go.

Then, they paused, and a shadow arched over your head and stretched towards the bandits. The movement looked...familiar...

"Get AWAY! DON'T YOU LAY A FINGER ON THEM!" A vicious but familiar soared across the forest, causing the bandits to cower before Kirishima landed in front of you, his wings spread wide and plated tail beating against the ground.

"Shit, get out of-" Before the bandit leader finished speaking Kirishima grew in size and let forth a stream of boiling fire from his throat. It singed the bandits in the front as they screamed from the heat only a dragon could produce. "RETREAT! BACK OFF!" the leader shouted while the bandits fled back into the forest.


"I told you not to leave! It's dangerous!" He rounded on you, his crimson eyes still alight with anger before softening as he took in your exhausted state. "I know I was gone a long time...I'm sorry, but let's go back home, OK?"

You hummed and practically fell into his arms as he cradled you like precious gemstones. "I'll keep you safe. I promise."

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