Kirishima First Date Headcanons

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This boy right here? Bold as hell, considering being forward and honest very manly traits...but when it comes to romance he's a bit at a loss and out of his comfort zone

Overall he just really enjoys hanging out with you. You guys train together and study but you've never had a proper First Date, and when he realizes that he hasn't actually taken you out properly he feels pretty bad and beats himself up about it like he skipped an important step in the whole dating schedule

Kirishima has a lot of energy and overall wants to make sure you have fun, and want you to think HE'S fun as well and not boring, so he decides on a theme park date but of course asks if that's what you want to do before buying tickets

He's actually nervous on the day of the date. It's mostly just been like...hanging out with your best friend under the pretense that you're dating, but not actually doing any dating-type stuff like holding hands or kissing. The thought of kissing turns his face the same color as his hair.

Of course he doesn't let you see any of his insecurities or personal worries. In the immortal words of his hero Crimson Riot, he should be manly and confident! A life lived without regret!

He's really great at making casual conversation and can talk about anything, honestly. You love how he can make you laugh. The long lines at the theme park provide the perfect opportunity for just getting to know each other better outside of UA

He doesn't realize it until today, but he gets very protective over you. Someone else in line hits on you while he's RIGHT THERE and goes full-on Protective Boyfriend. This is the first time he grabs your hand and he doesn't let go until you're on the ride

And then he holds it for the whole rest of the day because wow he really likes holding hands and showing other people that you're with him. And you like holding HIS hand which makes him feel pretty great that you're proud to be seen with him

He will jump into every single rollercoaster line because he loves thrill rides. He picks out one of the photos from the end of a ride and buys it as a keepsake

Eventually it starts to get dark and you suggest something he's been actively avoiding: the ferris wheel because he KNOWS from movies that people usually kiss in those and he's having an inner monologue with himself

What about his teeth? What if he accidentally bites or hurts you? What if he kisses your eye or something by mistake? What if his breath smells bad? What he if activates his quirk in a moment of panic and cuts you or something? What if the kiss is bad and you don't want to date him anymore?! His insecurities hit him hard here

But up on the ferris wheel while he's feeling nervous he just looks over and sees how happy you are and he asks if you had fun and you're just "hell yeah! today was awesome" which puts that blinding smile on his face

Half of him debates on whether or not to go in for a cliche romantic kiss, the other half is telling him to just GO FOR IT! No regrets, right? So he does and hopes for the best.

It's a bit lopsided and awkward but still a cute chaste first kiss. At first he has his eyes open and then realizes that's weird and you're supposed to close your eyes and oh kissing is kinda cool!

Devolves into giggly laughter because he just thinks hanging out with you is fun and appreciates that you don't think he's boring and you're like "of course you're not boring!" and he feels pretty dang good about himself by the end of the night

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