Bakugou First Date Headcanons

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This boy is anti-date at first, thinks they're dumb and stupid and a waste of time. He sees you everyday so why the hell make a show of it?

But his competitive streak gets the best of him: would he be a shit boyfriend if he didn't take you on a date? Fuck that, he'll take you on the most badass date of your LIFE and show up everyone and every other date you've ever been on.

He's an outdoorsy type, and doesn't like large crowds. He also doesn't want people bugging him when he just wants it to be the two of you, so he decides on an outdoor hike.

Researches picturesque trails that would be both challenging and fun, for him at least. You're his partner though, so you should have no trouble keeping up right?

He's an early riser so be prepared for him to get you out of bed at the ass crack of dawn because it'll be a long day and the fewer people he runs into the better. If anyone questions where he's going, he'll either ignore them or tell them to mind their own damn business.

Does not tell you where he's taking you, but says to dress comfortably and wear good shoes. Leads you to the train station – he bought the tickets ahead of time to keep it a secret – so you sit trying to wake up during the half hour long ride. He's fairly quiet but will thump you in the nose if you start dozing off.

Finally tells you that you'll be hiking and you better keep up or he'll leave you behind...he won't ACTUALLY leave you behind, but knows you'll pick up the pace if he makes it into a competition.

There are no other people around this early in the morning, so you both use your quirks to race to the next trail marker. He has speed and maneuverability on his side, but you have your own tricks.

After a while he gets impatient and basically drags you to where he wanted to end up in the first place. A picturesque ridge overlooking a small waterfall, trees and silence in every direction. It was straight out of a postcard.

You're touched that he actually planned all this himself and managed to keep it secret. Bakugou thrusts something into your hands, muttering under his breath through gritted teeth while avoiding your eyes. His ears are pink, though.

He made you both bento lunches to eat at the waterfall. When you say it's delicious he replies "well of course it is, I fucking made it!" because he has to get the last word in while touting his cooking abilities.

You both stay here for several hours, halfway in silence just enjoying the company of each other, the other half filled with sarcastic banter and the occasional quip on who is the better fighter. Which turns into a sparring match.

His ego gets the best of him and he asks if this is the best damn date you've ever been on, though he's sure it is. You pause in mock thinking, making his face scrunch up in agitation. What could he do to make it more memorable?!

And of course this boy is over the top and fearless (on the outside) and he reaches to grab your shirt and smash his lips against yours in a first kiss. It's rough and hot and his hands are shaking because he has no idea what he's doing but it seemed like the right fucking thing to do in that moment and hopes he isn't total shit at kissing

He breaks away and you see just the smallest hint of fear in his eyes at being vulnerable for once but you smile and kiss him on the cheek leaving him stunned for a second while you run away laughing for him to catch you

Of course he gives in to the chase

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