Mermaid! Midoriya x Reader

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The water was clear and cool today, the shadows of darting fish and floating seaweed dancing along the sandy bottom cast from the warm, bright sun overhead.

A large green tail darted past a school of fish, a spray of bubbles trailing behind a scarred fin.

Midoriya was fascinated by humans and the world outside of the ocean. He wondered what it would be like to have legs, to move around without a tail, to be out of water for extended periods of time. He wondered what kind of food they ate and what they did for fun when not tossing strange balls around or splashing each other in water he swam in everyday.

Most humans remained on land or near the coast rather than wandered farther off into deeper waters. Occasionally he'd see someone on an odd, long board as they skimmed large waves like upright dolphins, or bizarre machines that swam faster than he could even on his best days.

So, he watched from afar, nervous about getting too close while not knowing how a human might react to him.

Until today.

Midoriya swam just below the water's surface, occasionally poking his head up to glimpse anything interesting. He assumed his green hair might be mistaken for a clump of seaweed if anyone happened to see him.

While scanning the beach far ahead, splashing sounds caught his attention to his right. He turned, but just before dipping back underwater, he saw you.

The warm sun gleaming off your wet skin, hair plastered to your face, eyes bright and lively, and a smile to rival his own.

They're...beautiful, he thought while staring at the human, completely forgetting to hide himself and avoid being seen.

This could be his chance to learn more, to be near a human up close! Recklessness often followed him around, and this opportunity proved no different as he disappeared and swam silently towards the pair of kicking legs.

"Wow, I swam pretty far out today," you said while looking back towards land. The weather was too perfect to remain seated on the hot sand, the cool water and gentle waves calling your name.

When you turned back around, a pair of bright green eyes were staring right at you. "OH, shit! Dude, you scared me! Don't sneak up on people like that."

Midoriya stared at you with intense curiosity, tilting his head to the side and swimming a full circle around you before stopping to face you once again. Aside from the lack of tail, gills, claws, and fins, you weren't as different from him as he assumed humans might be. And you were even prettier up close!

He wanted to learn more about you, but couldn't understand the odd words coming out of your mouth. Maybe he could...?

" that a tail?" You looked down to see a long, dark green shadow waving around near your legs which led up to the torso of "Uh, wait. Hold on-"

Midoriya disappeared underwater and swam away to gain speed before bursting out of the water, flipping and spinning in midair, not caring who might see before diving back underwater and appearing again before you with his own bright smile. Maybe that show of skill and strength would impress you, as was customary among other mermaids.

Your jaw hung limply as you stared at the merman in front of you. Definitely didn't have legs. No legs, no feet. Your brain was backfiring because he was a pretty handsome merman, too. "Are you...a merman? Mermaid? Merperson?!"

The fact that you didn't swim away from him gave Midoriya enough courage to reach down and grab one of your hands, positioning his fingers in line with yours, the main difference being the webbing stretching between his knuckles. He noted that your skin was soft, and a slightly different texture than his own.

"Wow...what a day to take a swim, huh?" you joked, still not quite believing what you were seeing. The merman then backed away from you and appeared to...flex his arms? They certainly looked strong from the bulging biceps and impressive forearms.

You swam closer and swore a bit of relatable nervousness showed on his freckled face as you ran your fingers softly across his arm. "Are you trying to show off? Because it's kinda working," you joked, assuming he couldn't understand you.

Midoriya swallowed thickly as he wondered if his display of physical strength was enough to have some effect. As you moved in closer his face felt oddly warm, but he wasn't really sure what to do about it since swimming away didn't even cross his mind.

The two of you swam together until deep ridges formed on your fingers like prunes, telling you it was time to swim back to shore. You looked towards the merman with no name while pointing to yourself and then back to shore, a look of sad understanding crossing his face. "Sorry, I can't stay here forever like you can."

He understood that humans couldn't live in the water since they couldn't breathe like he could, but still felt a pang of yearning for you to stay with him just a bit longer. Midoriya reached forward and held your hands in his for a moment while looking into your eyes, hoping you'd remember this day.

Of course I'll remember, you thought before turning to swim away. How could you ever forget?

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