Ashido meeting Fem! human

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The moon shone brightly across the vast night sky above, few stars visible due to the bright lights of the coastal city behind you. Waves crashed against the rocks like music to your ears, a spray of salt water dampening the bottom of your rolled jeans. You didn't mind.

Sometimes you came out here to think, somewhere away from other people with clean air and a cool breeze. Sitting against a rock you watched the tide ebb and flow like a heartbeat, dark water nearly endless as it blended into the horizon farther than you could see.

You came out here often enough to be familiar with what was normal, so when something abnormal happened, it stood out. Movement in the water. Small, almost imperceptible to anyone not paying attention. Then, it was gone.

You hummed to yourself. "Dolphins and whales don't usually come around this time of year..."

There it was again - a silhouette - solid and unmoving against constant shift of water. And once more, it ducked back under the water.

Your eyes scanned the water diligently now, your curiosity getting the better of you. A breeze combed through your hair sending chills down your spine, but your gaze didn't waver.

Searching for movement in the ocean took up so much of your attention, however, that you didn't notice a pair of glistening black eyes staring at you from behind a rock to your right.

A splash to the side snapped you out of your trance, looking over quickly to see something pop down behind the rock. Trying to stay as silent as possible you stood up on the rock and made your way - hopping from one slick stone to the next - to the movement. You had no idea what to expect, but turning back now felt like giving up.

Gripping the barnacle-covered rock you slowly peeked your head over the top, but before you could glimpse whatever was hiding your foot slipped while your fingers attempted to grip desperately onto the rock, but it was no use. A yelp escaped you as the cold water hit your back, water shooting up your nose and filing your ears with echoes of muffled waves.

Something gripped under your armpits and lifted you up and, once your head breached the surface of the water, you gasped for air. What in the...? The "something" pushed your forward so you could grab onto the rocks and pull yourself up. You were now shivering from the cold, clothes drenched with no way to dry off.

But you finally saw the thing that was in the water, and now it stared right back at you.

Eyes as dark as the night sky bore into you, though they didn't look threatening. A mess of light pink hair bounced above them, surprisingly voluminous despite obviously being wet. A person? No, the bizarre pink tinge to it's skin didn't appear human, so...what the hell?!


It swam up to you, a webbed hand reaching up and touching your foot experimentally as it - no, she you could see now - raised up out of the water. If it wasn't for the obvious gills on the side of her neck then you'd think she was mostly human...wait...gills?!

"Oh...oh my god..." At that she looked up at you, eyes large and curious before grinning up at you with a bright smile.

You blushed, a thought flitting across your mind briefly: oh no she's cute!

Something behind her moved and, yep, there it was: a very large, very elaborate tail fin almost the same color as her hair.

"Are you..." You bit your lip, almost not believing the words you were about to say. "Are you a mermaid?"

Suddenly she raised up out of the water, apparently deciding to sit beside you on a rock. Her tail shone brightly under the moonlight with purple and pink scales extending from her torso into the water where they disappeared. Well, that answered your question.

She grabbed one of your hands and held it up to her own, the main difference being the webbing between her fingers and her skin, cooler to the touch than you were expecting. You knew you looked like a starstruck moron, but what else could you do? A mermaid literally swam up and sat next to you!

She smiled that bright smile at you again and you were glad for the lack of proper light because you knew you looked flustered.

A nervous habit that you'd had for many years reappeared in that moment, your free hand twirling the strands of your hair between your fingers as a nervous twitch. Her eyes followed your fingers, her own free hand touching her poofy hair. With a determined look she reached out - inadvertently intertwining her fingers with yours as she leaned forward - and touched your hair, wondering if it was different from her own.

This exchange of curiosity continued, each of you lightly exploring each other until the air grew too cold and your wet clothes clung to you like ice.

"I have to go home," you said, knowing she couldn't understand you. Still, she must have sensed that you needed to leave because she furrowed her brows and pouted. "I can, um, come back tomorrow?"

She quirked her head before giving you another big smile.

Yes, you would definitely come back tomorrow

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