Hawks s/o worried about him going undercover

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You sat on the couch as your knee tapped up and down, the anxiety of the situation unable to be contained without a nervous tick as you waited for him to get home. You knew this was an important meeting to discuss some kind of undercover operation; despite knowing Hawks was the #2 ranked Hero and was completely capable of handling most situations, it didn't stop you from worrying.

The front door opened, though your knee continued to tap.

"Hey!" he said eagerly, tossing off his shoes at the door along with his goggles. "Whatcha doing just sitting around?" He came up behind the couch and leaned down to place a quick peck on the side of your head.

"How was the meeting?" you asked, eager to know more information and what to expect out of this whole thing.

"Oh, you know. Boring lame people telling trying to tell me boring lame stuff, not much of a surprise there," he said with an airy laugh. Despite his demeanor you could tell by the stiffness in his shoulders and wings that there was more he wasn't telling you.

"What about the operation? What are they...asking you to do? Did you accept?" You bombarded him with questions, ignoring the idea of being intrusive for the sake of your own sanity. His smile faltered for just a second before walking over and placing a gloved hand on your shoulder.

"Don't worry ab-"

"I have to worry, so it's no good telling me not to."

Hawks mulled over being honest; he had to know you wouldn't jeopardize the mission, first. "If I tell you, it can't leave this space and you cannot tell anyone."

"I know, my lips are sealed," you said making a zipper motion across your lips.

"...they're asking me to go undercover for the League of Villains. I'm a double agent. I have to convince them I'm working against the Heroes to find out as much intel as I can on what they're planning."

Your eyes went wide with the influx of information. "So they're asking you to just go along with whatever they're planning then? Even if people get hurt?"

"They said i'm 'up to the task' as they put it since I really don't care about fame or rank. If it ultimately helps people in the end...I'll do it."

Your throat closed up at the thought of putting himself in that type of dangerous position right next to the most wanted Villains, trying to gain their favor while not revealing his true intentions. This was a dangerous game, indeed.

"Now, I know this sounds bad-"

"Yeah, a little?" you winced.

"If you're calm, I'm calm. They picked me knowing I'd be best at playing the field. I can do this." He was confident in his abilities, as you knew, though the thought of something bad happening still lingered like a smell you couldn't place. It would stain your nostrils until the mission was over and you knew he was safe.

He wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pulled you into him, his wings folded against his back. "I'll be fine, I promise. Just be here waiting for me, yeah?"

"Mmhm, you know it." You couldn't help but smile at the thought of him being home, and to him 'home' was you.

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