Witch! s/o x werewolf! Bakugou with scents

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Bakugou's nose is extremely sensitive. If something disgusting is around him, he'll basically growl and scrunch his nose up at itAs a witch, you work often with natural herbs, plants, and materials to cleanse the spaces you occupy and create elixirs, potions, salves, etc. Your workshop is full of plants, vines crawling around the room from floor to ceiling. Lavender, sage, rosemary, mint, and various stones and crushed minerals line your shelves and tables. Because of his sensitivity to smells and how overwhelming your workshop is, he rarely comes inside. Not because it smells bad, but because there are so many smells that he might start sneezing and he can't pinpoint where one smell starts and the other beginsWhich is why he'll usually accompany you on your way to acquire new ingredients. He usually walks behind you so he can take in whatever you smell like on that particular day. He's fond most of cinnamon and musky/dark smells like patchouli, tobacco (just the smell, not the smoke), burnt wood, wet earth, and sandalwoodHe can also tell when you've been practicing magic because you leave this...what he can only describe as "sparkling" scent behind. He can feel it more than he can smell it and it makes his ears twitch in interestHe pretends not to care much about whatever you're doing but miraculously he happens to come across rare or difficult to find herbs and mosses. "Weren't you looking for this dumb plant or something? You must be blind not to have seen it."Your actual home, which is separate from your workshop, has more subdued and personal smells that he tolerates much better. It's a wooden cabin surrounded on all sides with trees for the sake of privacy and isolationHe enjoys curling up by the small fireplace and soaking in the warmth and smell of the burning wood that's often soaked with something you've prepared to give off a scent that envelops the entire room like a giant incense logIt's here he finds the most comfort with you and safety from the outside elements. He can growl all he wants but if you scratch him behind the ears it's obvious how much he likes itHe isn't one for meditation but he can sit still for fairly long periods while you work or read or write makes him feel calm and at easeMost of the things in your home are handmade or at least fixed up by you to some degree, so they have your scent all over them. He'll wrap up in a stray blanket he finds laying around and covers his nose with it when you aren't looking

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