Midoriya x Reader Angst

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He could tell something was off. He was sometimes too observant for his own good, often overthinking or overanalyzing a situation that really turned out to be nothing. But when it came to you he couldn't just let things slide, not when he cared about you so much.

You were normally so talkative, so eager to start up a conversation, to make people laugh...but today your mouth sat in a thin line as you stared straight ahead. Such a stern expression looked odd on your normally glowing face. Should he say something...? Would you even talk about what was wrong if he asked?

At one point Kaminari put a hand on your shoulder. It was nothing, he did that to everyone - a natural gesture of platonic comfort. But you moved away as if he'd burned you, making him give a confused apology before he moved away off your glare. Kaminari saw anger, but Midoriya saw fear.

He'd been scared many times in his life, so fear was something he knew intimately well.

When class was over he saw you practically bolt out of the classroom, not leaving him any time to ask if you were OK. A couple of other people looked after you with concern as well, but likely he'd be the only one to properly reach out to you later.

...But he tried and failed.

His calls went unanswered, his texts were left on "read", and his knocking at your door met only with silence. Maybe it wasn't the right time. Maybe you need more time. Either way, he wasn't sure what else to do other than give you space. So, he did.

It wasn't often that Midoriya felt the urge for a late-night snack but his worrying over you left him unable to sleep, so getting up rather than laying in bed when he knew his brain was too wired to relax seemed like the only logical idea.

He wandered into the shared dormitory kitchen when he heard shuffling around. Was someone else up at this hour also in search of a snack?

Then, he heard a sniffle and stopped in the open doorway. Unfortunately, his foot stepped on a creaky floorboard, causing you to turn around. In the dim moonlight and glow from the open fridge, Midoriya could see your tear-stained face and slumped shoulders. Without thinking twice about it he ran forward and put his hands on your shoulders, not caring this time if you tried to get away.

"Please, what's wrong?" The look of fear, the same look you gave Kaminari earlier, reflected back in your eyes once more. "You seem scared... is that why you don't want to talk?"

Rather than pull away from you just slumped in his hands, the weight of whatever was bothering you finally pulling you down all the way to the floor. Midoriya followed you down to the floor and held you, his hands steady against your shaking shoulders. "Tell me...what happened?"

Whatever it was, wherever you were, he should've been there. Should've protected you, helped you, saved you...but he couldn't fix the past. The only thing he could do was be here for you right now at this moment, slumped on the cold kitchen tiles as the ice cream on the counter slowly melted. Chocolate couldn't fix everything

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