Todoroki First Date Headcanons

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Despite seeming cold and distant on the outside, he's mostly just socially awkward due to a lack of interaction with kids his own age growing up in an abusive household. He gets better about it over time, but his bluntness isn't really something that goes away.

He's new to the dating world and basically needs someone to tell him that he should take you on a proper first date that's outside of UA. He's like "Oh, ok. I'll do that then."

But then he gets kind of nervous? He's still letting a lot of his wall down slowly so an official first date says "I trust you and want to see where this goes" which makes him feel vulnerable, not that he'll tell anyone that

Knows that his hair and eyes make him stand out as "Endeavor's kid" and he doesn't really want to be bombarded by the press or media, so he picks dinner at an inconspicuous restaurant that has a back area hidden away from the rest of the restaurant

Offers to pay for everything. Part of him hates being dependent on his dad's money, but another part of him wants to just...spend all of it frivolously to piss his dad off when he sees a large bill for a nice restaurant

Slowly gets better at casual conversation and ice-breakers. Wants to steer clear of anything villain or hero related and just relax for a single night with you. No stress or worry.
Shies away from physical touch like hand-holding or hugs for a while. Not only does he want to be respectful, but he's just not super comfortable with physical affection until he really gets to know someone well

If you can make this boy laugh at any point, he'll appreciate it. He doesn't laugh as much as he feel he should, so anything to lighten the mood is welcome.

While leaving the restaurant someone comes up and recognizes him and attempts to interview him. This pisses him off because he just wants to get away from associations with his father and have a peaceful date so he grabs your wrist and you basically run through a maze of alleyways until you lose them

He apologizes, saying he hates being Endeavor's son and hopes you don't judge him based on who his father is and what he's done

Of course you don't, and he's grateful you're patient with him in trying to overcome a lot of his hangups and emotional struggles

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