Jealous! Bakugou x Reader

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"Are you serious, Katsuki?" She yelled on impulse. Screaming was the exact opposite reaction she should have, but this whole situation was ridiculous, honestly. "I was not flirting! I don't know why you're mad!"

"I don't want to see some fucking moron talking to you, that's why I'm pissed!" he spat back, pacing back and forth in the shared living room.

"Wh- HE was the one flirting and I told him to back off! Also, if you think you can even mildly control who I talk to then that's just another issue we need to discuss!"

Bakugou growled under his breath but stopped pacing in order to look squarely at his partner. "ANOTHER issue, huh? Well please, be my fuckin' guest and lay it all out then!" He waved his arms wildly, frustrated with the whole stupid situation. They'd been arguing a lot lately, but this was definitely the worst of the bunch.

After nearly an hour of back and forth, Bakugou's anger got the better of him as he grabbed a glass from the kitchen and smashed it against a wall. He just wanted to BREAK something, to cause damage, to let out this anger that bubbled up like broiling lava...even if his frustration was over the top and unjustified.

"That's it! I'm leaving, Katuski!" She said, grabbing her purse from the kitchen table and walking towards the front door. "Call me when you realize the only person you can control is yourself." With that, she slammed the door in his face.

Bakugou was left alone with his thoughts of jealousy and rage, and could only be mad at himself.

Several days passed with neither of them speaking. Bakugou felt lost after realizing he'd royally screwed up. He didn't mean to get so jealous...he just sort of snapped; she was his, and he was hers, but he also understood that mutual trust was an important part of any relationship...which means she needed to know he trusted her not to flirt or leave him in the dust for someone else.

He was tired, bags under his eyes from lack of sleep in thinking their relationship was over even though neither of them truly "broke up" with the other, she just sort of...left, wanting to get away from the frustration of the situation. He couldn't blame her, really; Bakugou was well aware he wasn't easy to get along with, but she put up with him, and he'd be stupid to let her get away that easily.

The unfamiliar couch was cold as she lay face up, face buried in a pillow at her friend's house where she was crashing until things calmed down. She didn't necessarily mean to just walk out on Bakugou, but he was being unreasonable, and breaking the glass was a tipping point that told her to get away for a while.

They were both emotionally closed off people and it took a while for either of them to open up properly when they started dating. Brick by brick, the wall came down as she let him in, trusting he would respect and treat her well. But now? After that fight where he accused her of something she didn't even do? It hurt. He'd have to do something pretty spectacular to make up for it at this point.

The vibration of Bakugou's phone brought him out of his daze.

"Hello?" he grunted out, a little harsher than he meant it to sound, tiredness catching up to him.

" sound like shit. Uh, look, Katsu-"

"Can we meet up somewhere?...Please? I just gotta...say some stuff. Not over the phone."

It was quiet on the other end before he heard a heavy sigh. "...Yeah, yeah we can. I'll come over, I need to change clothes anyway..." With that, she hung up.

He took a shower and made himself presentable, groaning at how tired he looked in the foggy bathroom mirror.

He'd make it up to her, prove he trusted her. He'd already changed a lot over the years, and if it made him a better person, a better partner, then he'd continue to change. No questions asked.

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