Kirishima Valentines Heacanons

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This boy's definition of romance and romantic gestures come straight from TV and comic books, which obviously aren't always realistic

He isn't the most observant guy around and sometimes starts to zone out if something or someones doesn't have his full, undivided attention

He's never shared Valentine's day with someone before, but as soon as he hears you talking about the date coming up he has a momentary internal freakout: oh, man! What am I gonna get 'em?!

Desperate to make his first Valentine's day memorable, he actually dedicates more time to making a list brainstorming ideas than he does studying, much to the detriment of his grades and Bakugou who whacks him on the head every time he fucks up a math problem during tutoring sessions

Because of his media exposure, he goes to all the very generic gifts first: flowers, chocolates, anything heart-shaped, a card from the store, etc. It always works in the shows, so why wouldn't it work now? You'll love 'em!

However, while he's in line at the store with his arms full, he overhears a conversation from some other customers: "no way am I buying this junk. It's garbage. Nah, man, you gotta make something, personalize it, show 'em that they're more special than anything you can just easily buy in a store."

He looks down at the stuff in his arms and groans: of course, this always works in the movies! They're written to work! Duh! He stuffs everything back on the shelves before running around the store for brand new things

He's literally working until the day before Valentine's to get everything ready. His room is covered in scraps of paper, failed experiments, and a crushed stress ball he used his quirk on when he started to panic that he'd messed up everything and you'd hate it all

Surprising you first thing the next morning despite his exhaustion and messy bed head, he knocks on your dorm room door. "Happy Valentine's Day, y/n! I just couldn't wait, sorry. I hope you like your gifts..." and he shoves a bag in your general direction

He loves your gifts, of course, but waits with bated breath for your reaction to his... and every time you open a new thing, you give him and kiss with he melts to"Kirishima! All your gifts...did you make all this?!" When he nods you just tackle him with a giant hug and it makes all the effort worth it

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