Chapter Forty-Four.

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A/N: This entire chapter contains a strong sex scene, feel free to skip it if it makes you uncomfortable in any way.

I felt a rush of adrenaline coursing through my veins as I reached my room in the Farm. Sweet Pea's hand was tightly encased in my own as I reached for the key around my neck to unlock my door, as soon as the click of the lock sounded through mine and Sweet Pea's ears I felt his lips on my own once again. The passion and hunger involved was driving me over the edge already and it was only the start of the night. 

My back leant against the door as Sweet Pea and I continued making-out, my hand struggled to find the handle but thankfully I found it before Edgar walked past my room and interrupted us. I heard the door close with Sweet Pea's foot making me laugh slightly. 

Our lips separated for a brief moment giving me enough time to lay down on the bed in the middle of the room. I saw Sweet Pea hovering over the top of me staring at every inch of my body, it felt like he was undressing me with his eyes.

"Gosh you're so beautiful. Like for real how did I get this lucky?" He spoke softly, his voice sending chills over my entire body. Without speaking I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him closer to me, I kissed him on the lips passionately once more before moving my hands down to his shirt to remove it quickly.

I ran my hands softly and slowly down Sweet Pea's chest before he reattached our lips, each and every kiss felt more rushed, the hunger between the both of us only enhancing. 

Slightly sitting up on the bed I let Sweet Pea remove my shirt, he smirked at the fact I hadn't even worn a bra tonight before his hands moved to my breasts and his lips reattached to my own briefly. His mouth made his way down my jawline, settling on my neck as he softly nibbled on the sweet spot in-between my neck and my shoulders that caused soft moans to escape my lips. 

He stopped for a moment as he looked up and watched me, pleasure was written all over my face as he smirked and attached his lips to my neck once more. This time he worked his way down until he reached my breasts, his mouth began sucking on my lift breast as his hand massaged my right breast. He switched between the two of them knowing exactly how to please me as moan after moan escaped my lips. 

His soft lips made their way down my chest and towards the hem of my skirt, he left kisses all over my body making me feel loved and to be honest with you, turned on. He stopped for a brief moment to remove my skirt and panties in just a few seconds. I moved my legs slightly so he was in-between them again, watching him with pure admiration as he removed his pants and boxers just as quick. 

His lips found my mouth again as he kissed and sucked on my bottom lip causing a moan to escape my mouth once more. My hand moved down towards his erect penis as I grasped it softly causing Sweet Pea to gasp allowing me to slip my tongue in his mouth, this time our lips felt like they were fighting each other in battle as my hand slowly moved up and down his penis. 

Moans slipped out of his mouth before Sweet Pea pulled apart and looked at me to make sure everything was okay. I nodded as he moved his hand down and positioned himself inside of me. With slow and steady thrusts at first Sweet Pea began thrusting harder and harder into me. I gasped with the mix of pleasure and pain, my hands finding their way to Sweet Pea's back, my nails digging into his skin ever so slightly as we both moved backwards and forwards.

The pace getting faster and faster, we left sloppy kisses on each other's lips as we both moaned continuously. Nothing felt better than being one with Sweet Pea, having him inside of me: it was the best feeling in the world. 

This went on for roughly half an hour, our moans almost synched by the end of it as we kissed and gasped and switched positions. Soon enough we were both reaching our highs, I couldn't stop myself from moaning louder than I had the entire night as I felt the orgasm rush through my body making me feel ecstatic and incredible. Shortly after Sweet Pea reached his high and he came inside of me, pulling out gently he lay next to me on the bed as we both caught our breaths. I looked to my side where Sweet Pea's now sweaty body lay and I admired every inch of him, the way his skin was shining, the smile on his face, the way his chest was slowing down as he managed to settle down. I loved every inch of the man beside me and I knew that was never going to change.

"I love you Sweets." I leant over and kissed Sweet Pea gently on the lips before I rested my head on his chest, I felt his arm snake around my waist as he kissed my head softly. I felt myself slowly drifting off to sleep as I heard his soft voice sound through the silence of the room, plastering a smile on my face as I drifted into a deep slumber.

"I love you too princess." 

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