Chapter 36

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A/N: H here, sorry for the late update! However, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for reading this book. I cannot believe how far this had gotten. It's only growing too! So thank you all so much, enjoy this chapter. It's been a long time coming, and I enjoyed writing this so much. I'm glad we made it this far into the story. Until next time!

"Asia... where'd you go? Come on out, we have to get back and get ready for festival" Issei whispered while walking around the area. Nobody else could say a word to what just happened. Diadora woke up and was surprised as well.

"He's lost it" Rias and Akeno said at the same time. Shane blinked a couple of times.

"What the hell just happened?" He said outloud. Ravel clinched onto Shane's arm.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, we need to be ready for whatever happens."

Bruce regained enough strength to stand on his own, he walked over towards Shane and stood by him.

Suddenly a new person appeared, he had light brown hair and eyes, he wore a black cape and wore a purple ans black body armor.

"Shalba! You're here, please! Kill that nuisance of a devil! The Red Dragon emporer" Diadora pleaded while he pointed to Issei. Issei was still walking around with his hands out.

"Asia..." he muttered again.

"I have no use for you anymore" Shalba said coldly and pointed his gauntlet at Diadora. Soon, a very similar light engulfed Diadora and he dissapeared from the area.

"You! That light is what we just saw when Asia disappeared, tell us where she is!" Shane demanded.

"Shane Dooley, the pitiful excuse of a devil commander" Shalba started, he then looked at Rias.

"Rias Gremory, sister to current Lucifer, pitiful excuse for next in line. In fact, none of you are deserving for your titles."

"And just who do you think you are? Explain to us what you did with Asia" Rias said while crossing her arms.

"And the red dragon emporer" he added while looking at the wondering Issei. He then gave his attention back to Rias.

"I am Shalba Beelzebub and I'm the true Satan that this Hell needs. Your brother is just a poor excuse!" He yelled pointing at Rias. He then continued, "and as for your friend. I sent her to the Deminsional Gap, she's about as good as dead now with her body being exposed to the unstable field."

Everyone stopped in their tracks, Issei heard it as well and put his head down. Shane looked over towards him, but he slowly turned around and started to walk towards Shalba.

"Dead? How could you!? Asia didn't do a damn thing to you and you just killed her like that!?" Xenovia yelled with tears welling up in her eyes.

Shane could only remember all the events he had with Asia and Issei. From meeting her, to helping him and Venom out in the rating game. She had the kindest heart and cared for all of her friends. Shane clenched his hands and looked to the ground.

"Why? Why can't I do a damn thing about this?" He muttered to himself. Ravel looked at him with worry. Bruce had the same expression in his eyes. However, they were caught off guard when Rias yelled.

"Issei!" She yelled at him. He was unconsciously walking towards Shalba and everyone was worried for him. Suddenly Ddraig appeared in his gauntlet form and spoke towards the devils.

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