Chapter 16

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Honey, we are so sorry that we cannot make it to open house this year. Your father got called into a business meeting in America and we wont be home for a week. We love you and stay out of trouble

Love, Mom and Dad

"Everytime" Shane sighed.

"I'm getting that your parents are never here for something that's important?" Venom questioned.

"Yeah, hit the bullseye on that. They haven't been to a single one at all since I've been in school. Well, I'm not planning on going to school, you want to go somewhere Venom?" Shane asked.

"Sure, but where are we going?"

"Wherever we want! We'll just get on a train and head to another town and look around. I haven't really done this in a way and it's a good way to clear my head up" Shane replied

Venom agreed, but he knew deep down he wasn't over with what happened to Irina and his host. It was an act, but Venom didn't have to sense it for it to be a lie.

"You've been playing this off for a few days now. How are you feeling?" He asked his host. Shane could only sigh.

"Honestly, can't get her out of my mind." Shane replied, he then went upstairs to grab some headphones to try to mute out Venom for the whole time.

With Rias and her peerage

"MY BROTHER IS COMING TO OPEN HOUSE?" Rias questioned with disbelief. Grayfia was standing near her and nodded.

"Yes, Sir Zechs and your father will be here for open house" she replied.

"That's just wonderful" she groaned while laying her head down on her desk.

"Both of them want to speak to Shane" she added

That made Rias sit up quickly and started to play with her fingers.

"I uh dont know where he is" she whispered.

Grayfia raised an eyebrow, "has he gone rouge?" She questioned

That made Rias go wide eyed, even if Kokebiel said his power was near her brother's, he couldn't take on him and his peerage alone with Venom.

"No!" She yiped. That made everyone turn to her for the sudden actions. She quickly regain her composure, "I did something awful and he isnt speaking to me at the moment. I've been meaning to talk with him for some time now. I was going to after the fight with Kokebiel, but he wasn't ready."

"I see, your brother will be quite disappointed" she replied. Suddenly a magic circle appeared and the devil king himself popped out of the circle. Everyone, but Rias and Grayfia descended to a knee and bowed their head.

"Lord Lucifer" everyone greeted.

"Sir Zechs" Grayfia bowed.

Rias sighed, "brother"

The Devil king smiled, he then quickly changed from his royalty clothes to a simple plain black button up shirt with khaki pants. He turned to everyone that were still bowing.

"Please, I'm here as another guest today, treat me with the formality as you would with your friends" he replied. Everyone nodded and stood up. Lucifer quickly noticed Shane wasn't here.

"Where's Shane?" He asked.

Rias sighed and looked away from her brother, "he isnt here at the moment, and I dont know where he is" she quickly said.

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