Chapter 18

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Rias and Issei ended up going after Gasper and Koneko, if they didn't do something about everyone being stopped in time, rather than the people who weren't affected because of superior power or holy wielders, nobody was safe. Since Shane was no longer a rook in her peerage, Rias was able to perform casting in which she switched places from King to Rook. Therefore allowing her to fighting unwillingly.

"Something doesn't feel right" Venom commented, suddenly a new person appeared from a magical circle.

"I've felt this magic before" SirZechs stated.

"What are you doing here?" Serafall asked

"My, my if it isnt for the two unworthy devil kings. SirZechs Lucifer and Serafall Leviathan." The woman stated.

Shane and Venom both got into a battle stance but before they could attack, the woman raised her staff.

"I'm here to bring choas" she smirked and blew up the area they were in. The blast caused Shane and Venom to be thrown away, Shane ended up hitting his head on a concrete wall.

"Damn" he barely spoke while feeling his head. Blood was slowly falling from his head. "You okay Venom?"

"I'm fine, but it's going to be a minute before I can help you, that explosion stunned me-" Venom tried to answer but was cut off by a scream.


He instantly recognized the voice, he slowly looked over to his left and saw Irina against a shield that protected her from that blast.

That scream caught the attention of the new woman,

"I see I was able to hurt someone after all. The 3 faction leaders came together to protect, how pathetic that they left this weakling behind" she smirked while charging up another blast from her staff.

"Another one of those and I won't last" Shane barely spoke while trying to stay awake. The impact was making his head dizzy and it wasn't helping that he couldn't defend himself with the new magic he received.

Before the woman could finish the two off, Azael attacked her.

"Katerea, one of the original descendants of the Leviathan's"

"If it isnt for the Fallen Angel leader, I'll make quick work of you" she laughed.

Irina quickly ran over to Shane and picked his head up and laid it in her lap.

"Stay with me Shane" she worriedly spoke, she felt the blood from his head and started to tear up.

Shane barely moved his head to see her, "I'm okay, I just need a minute" he replied doing whatever he could to keep his eyes open.

Kiba and Xenovia both went out to the battle field to defend and attack the magicians present, but the more they eliminated, the more appeared.

However, Irina wasn't paying attention and a few of the magicians appeared and were about to attack. Before they could, magic circles appeared from above them and debris from the collapsed area of the school came raining down on them, causing them to disappear.

Irina looked down and saw Shane with his right hand up forming a magic circle. "Just in time" he coughed. He went to sit up and didn't realize where he was putting his hand to support himself and that caused Irina to yelp and become embarrassed.

Shane looked down and saw that his hand was on her upper thigh close to her lower area and he quickly retracted it.

"I-im sorry!" He stammered. Venom laughed at his hosts actions.

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