Chapter 22

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"Hey mom and dad, I just wanted to check in on you two. Haven't heard anything from you in a minute. The few emails you've sent are all that I've recieved. I know its expensive to call out of country, so that's why I'm calling on this number. It allows me to create a number that lets me call without any charges. Maybe that's why you didnt pick up. I love you guys, I hope you come home soon" Shane said to the voicemail. He tried calling them to speak with them because he hadn't heard anything from them in a couple of days. He knows they will be okay though.

"Still no answer?" Venom questioned

"Nope, the emails said this week would be the busiest and they should be home sometime in the next week or so" Shane started but was interrupted by a phone call. He didnt recognize the number.

"Hello?" He answered.

The caller only giggled, but soon spoke. "Hey there Shane!" A familiar voice replied. Shane could only smile.

"Hey Irina, may I ask how you got my number?" He asked

"I asked Rias the other day at school. I thought you would ask the other night when I was at your house but you didnt" she replied with a 'Hmph'

Shane nervously laughed, "I'm sorry, its just that we had such a good time I didnt think about anything else but that"

He heard her breathe hitched over the phone.

"Oh boy" Venom sighed.

"I-its okay. I enjoyed everything too. You could have your shirt back if you want it"

"Nah you keep it, you look adorable in it" Shane started but soon stopped realizing what he was saying. "Anyways, what's up?"

"N-nothing" she replied while taking a deep breath. "I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out or go on another date before we head to this Treaty with Lord Odin" she finished.

"Yeah that's perfect. Anywhere you'd like to go?" He asked

"Theres this carnival I wanted to go to. Before I left Kuoh, I always went here. I want to see it again. If you dont mind of course"

"Sounds perfect. Do you want to meet by the station around 5:30?"

"Yes see you then! Bye Shaney!" Irina replied while hanging up.

Venom died of laughter at the nickname his host had just received.

"Shaney?" He questioned looking at his phone.

"That was quite comical. She already has a nickname for you. How cute"

"Please dont say 'cute' again" Shane shivered. It sounded horrible coming from Venoms voice.

Venom continued to laugh at his host.

"Lord this is going to be a long evening" Shane sighed while going to take a shower before heading on this date.

Time Skip

Shane was waiting at the station for Irina. He had a inner conversation with Venom about what will be at this Carnvials. Since Venom did not know what they were. As soon as Shane mentioned candy, Venon was all for it.

"Please help me.." Shane muttered at the ideas he could think of about Venom and all this candy.

"If you dont like it, I can always eat your liver or pancreas. They both sound more delicious than all this candy" he threaten. Shane only scoffed.

"Dont we need each other to survive?" Shane asked but their conversation was cut off when someone called out to Shane.

"Shane is that you?"

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