Chapter 19

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"Shane, Venom this isnt your fight!" Issei yelled while getting up.

"Its always been our fight. We have a score to settle with him" Venom spat back, but before he could continue, Issei tackled the Symbiote and it shocked everyone.

"Listen to me! This is my fight and not yours!" Issei tried to yell but Venom punched him and sent him flying.

'He doesn't get it. I think it's time we show off something else that Sir Zechs gave us'

Venom smiled and raised his right hand to form a magical circle. Soon, the ground was manipulated to where Issei was trapped within the earth.

"No hard feelings, but you're not ready to face this scaly bastard" Venom commented while looking at Issei. Issei could only stare at him with disgust in his eyes and betrayal.

"My, my two allies fighting each other, that's what I call true chaos." Vali commented. Venom turned to the dragon weilder and smirked

"Hes too naive to understand it all. How about we finish this?"

Suddenly Venom formed a magic circle above Vali and striked him with the biggest lightening bolt possible.


Vali exerted most of the blast but stopped the remaining power that was present.

"Your magic is no use to me" he spat while standing up.

"Then how about you experience pure strength"

Venom quickly grabbed him and started to punch in his stomach. Vali tried to stop the incoming punches but was tangled up in the symbiote's tissue. Soon Venom uppercutted him and it cracked the armored head of the emporer.

Before Venom could continue, a dragon shot came flying and hit Venom. It sent the symbiote flying, but he was able to regain himself.

"What's the meaning of this?" Venom questioned. He then looked up to see a very pissed off Issei.

Issei then shot another dragon shot at Venom but Venom was quickly to slice it like it was nothing. Issei quickly went after Vali but was tossed around like a rag doll.

'What's Issei's deal? Is he too stubborn to not stand back?'

"I guess not. We will show him what it means to mess with us"

Venom grabbed a holt of Vali and slammed him into the ground. Vali quickly fired at Venom but he was quick to dodge. Issei came from behind and went after Venom.

"You dont listen do you Venom!" Issei yelled. However, Rias yelled at Issei.

"Issei! Stop this immediately! You're attacking Shane and Venom for no reason!" She commanded. Issei didn't listen and still went after Venom.

'I think it's time Venom'

"You sure you can handle that power without the pendant?" Venom asked while defending punches from Issei. Venom quickly grabbed Issei and tossed him away.

'Yes. No better time to use it than now'

"If you say so, but if you run out of stamina, I will not be able to help. So we better make this quick" Venom answered and retreated to his host. Shane looked at the two dragon emporers fighting and saw Issei getting beat to a pulp. Shane quickly grabbed the pendant that SirZechs had given him. SirZechs noticed it and quickly spoke up.

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