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The Untouchable Day Class Student (( Vampire Knight / Tokyo Ghoul )) by awkwardactor
The Untouchable Day Class awkward actor
Chiyo Morri is done with being hunted by the CCG and her fellow ghouls. She tried to seek peace for a long time, but has yet to find it, till now. Chiyo is a half ghoul...
Twilight's Priestess (Emmett Cullen) by jumpingmanatee
Twilight's Priestess (Emmett jumpingmanatee
Kagome's Feudal Era adventures have finally come to an end. She has returned to the Modern Era determined to move on with her life but deciding it must be done somewhere...
The Vampire In Beacon Hills by alluringlight
The Vampire In Beacon Hillsby lee
Luceil Stilinski. Stiles' older sister by a mere two minutes. After her mother died, she went to stay with an aunt in Mystic Falls. When that aunt dies, however, she mu...
I'm a mermaid (a PJO/H2O crossover)- Complete by Bayleaf46
I'm a mermaid (a PJO/H2O Bayleaf46
After the giant war, Percy wants to get away from the mythological life, and so do Sally and Paul. So what to they do? They move to Mako, Australia. Highest rank #1 in p...
Saitama in My Hero Academia by MeriAndy
Saitama in My Hero Academiaby Andy
Saitama really thought it's going to be the usual day as always when he woke up, but as soon as he looked into the mirror his simple and some kind of boring life turned...
A Guardian Angel And An Avenger by maddygirl145
A Guardian Angel And An Avengerby Mads
A Supernatural and Avengers crossover. Castiel x oc and will be cussing but mostly light nothing too bad. I thought there wasn't enough of these on wattpad so here ya go...
The Average Psychic Hero by WeForever3
The Average Psychic Heroby ImForever1
𝔸 𝔽𝕒𝕟𝕗𝕚𝕔 ℂ𝕣𝕠𝕤𝕤𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕓𝕖𝕥𝕨𝕖𝕖𝕟 𝕊𝕒𝕚𝕜𝕚 𝕂 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕆𝕟𝕖 ℙ𝕦𝕟𝕔𝕙 𝕄𝕒𝕟. ☆ Kusuo Saiki, an 'average' psychic student unfortunately has a nuisance o...
The Eyepatch Ghoul by DarkOneTAS
The Eyepatch Ghoulby Dixon_FanZ
Kaneki after the war of twentieth ward was about to face Arima till a black void engulfed him transporting him to another world. No CCG no other Ghouls he's alone in th...
The numbered hero || The Promised Neverland x Reader x BNHA by YamuYamSwirl
The numbered hero || The Yamu Yam Swirl
76394... That was the number that had been on your neck as long as you could remember. You never understood why you or any of your fellow orphans had them but you never...
Hinata's Adventure in BNHA by Hanabeeshy
Hinata's Adventure in BNHAby JOTARO!!!!!
"I knew this was different, I knew I was in somewhere else, I knew I had to go back, I knew this isn't my place, but... Because of him, I don't know... I don't know...
The Granddaughter of Voldermort  by ballerina2021
The Granddaughter of Voldermort by ballerina2021
Atlantia is the daughter of a siren and every Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian god and goddess. What she doesn't know is that her mother, the siren, was the daughter of...
Symbiote (Lucifer Morningstar) by GrudgeKittyKat
Symbiote (Lucifer Morningstar)by galaxypox
(Lucifer Morningstar x Venom!Reader) (SMALL HIATUS BREAK!!) "(Y/N)! He isn't human!" --- (Y/N) (L/N), a new resident to the huge city of Los Angelas and the ho...
Silent Love || Barrydia [DISCONTINUED] by woodenswan
Silent Love || Barrydia [ ❝ 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 ❞
Barry Allen, The Flash. Lydia Martin, the Banshee. Barry Allen has known Lydia Martin all her life. Since their moms were best friends, they saw each other a lot over t...
Natasha's Secret by rox_fanfics
Natasha's Secretby Rox Fanfics🏳️🌈
Nobody really knows anything about Natasha Romanov, not even Fury, but that's about to change. But how does Percy Jackson fit into the equation and since when did Natash...
Fighting some new monsters (Complete) by smalltimewriter5
Fighting some new monsters ( Writer!
(Complete) A crossover with Percy Jackson and Twilight. Annabeth is taken, Percy is running himself down looking for her, the gods are worried. They decide to send Percy...
ZENITH ➸ Avengers AU by Storm_Wolf014
ZENITH ➸ Avengers AUby _Wanda_Maximoff_
𝒁𝑬𝑵𝑰𝑻𝑯 - [𝒏.] 𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑻𝑰𝑴𝑬 𝑨𝑻 𝑾𝑯𝑰𝑪𝑯 𝑺𝑶𝑴𝑬𝑶𝑵𝑬 𝑰𝑺 𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑴𝑶𝑺𝑻 𝑷𝑶𝑾𝑬𝑹𝑭𝑼𝑳. The aftermath of the Giant War leaves Kara Legend bro...
The Goddess hero (Bnha x Fairy Tail!reader) by dragonmage47
The Goddess hero (Bnha x Fairy Mini_Goddess305
Kumi Azuka is a young Fairy Tail wizard and the so-called Successor of the Gods as well as Sound Dragon Slayer (explained in the book) One day while training with Team N...
red. | keigo takami by mysticauthor-chan
red. | keigo takamiby 𝖒𝖞𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖈.
➸ wherein (Y/N) Phantomhive sees an unconscious winged hero on her street who somehow gets into an alarming set of events that makes him know that there's more than meet...
By The Angels (PJOxSH) by TrumpetsandDragons
By The Angels (PJOxSH)by Just Vibin’
Percy Jackson x Shadowhunters crossover ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nico thought, just for a moment, that everything was looking for the better. The second gia...
Jim Hawkins : A Treasure Planet Fanfic by milkchocolatefruit
Jim Hawkins : A Treasure Planet Mariah Roper
This book takes place after the movie. Jim's life is in order. He's the captain of his own ship, his mother's inn is booming, and there's seems to be nothing that can r...