Chapter 10

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"I'm here to congratulate you on getting your ass kicked by me" I told Riser. That made everyone gasp again.

"Seize him!" He yelled. Suddenly 10 guards showed up surrounding Venom and I. I smirked.

'You ready?'


"Please, after seeing what I can do, you order guards to try to stop me?" I sarcastically asked. Then one of Venoms tentacles grabbed a guard and sling him across the room. We then took out their legs and knocked them all out.

"Outstanding! Now let's bite all of their heads off and pile them up in a corner"

'Not in front of all these people'

More guards started to show up, and Akeno looked like she was about to help me. I told her no because this was my fight.

We were about to attack the other guards but a new voice called out.

"Stand down! He is my guest this evening" a guy with the same hair as Rias walked out. He was also accompanied by Grayfia. The guards listened and bowed to him. Everyone did as well besides Me, Riser, and Rias

'That's gotta be Rias' brother'

"No shit Sherlock. They look the same"

"What is the meaning of this Sir Zechs?" Riser asked him

"Well I invited Shane here this evening, he is my entertainment. You see, your performance against Rias was surprising" The devil king responded.

"But I got the win, that's all that matters" Riser retorted but Rias' brother laughed.

"Those little rating games do not mean what they used to be. The times are changing and we have to as well"

"Yeah! Besides I didn't get my chance to kick your ass. I was too busy taking out your peerage" I replied mockingly.

"Is this guy mental?" Ravel asked. I quickly turned to her and smirked.

"So why not settle this once and for all?" Sir Zechs offered. "If you win, you get to keep Rias." He told Riser, then he turned to me.

"If you win, you get whatever you desire. Fame, money, a beautiful girl. Ask and you shall recieve." He offered me.

"We can start our own Peerage if you want to. However, our main goal is to save Rias"

'Yeah I know. The offer is too good to be true'

"Why does he get an offer too?" Riser whined.

"Because he is my guest. And for his time of coming here, he should deserve an award if he wins"

Riser scoffed and looked away. I thought about it but I just shrugged.

"Even though this offer is too good to be true" I started then i stared directly at Rias

"And I happen to be conflicted with my emotions at the moment, but the only thing I want is Rias Gremory" I said while pointing to her. She blushed bright red

"Very well" he then snapped his fingers and Riser and I were transported to a battle field.

"Riser suggests you should back down while you have the chance" He cockily stated. I only laughed.

"Sheesh, you sound like you have this already in the bag."

"No holding back this time" 'you're damn right we aren't'

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