Chapter 30

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"What's the plan on defeating this?" Rias asked while flying towards the city. Irina and Ravel flew closely behind and Shane was running at a tremendous speed with this new symbiote suit.

"Venom's weakness, or symbiotes in general, is fire and high pitched sounds" Irina replied, but Venom added to her answer.

"Unfortunately, that isnt the case here. With all the symbiotes my other self created, simple fire or sound waves can't stun it. It would have to take a massive explosion or we have to remove this worlds Shane from myself."

"Well good time to figure out how I can work this new suit." Shane replied while running. He stuck his hands out and two white tentacles latched onto a nearby building. Shane used this to pull himself quicker to the scene.

Hulk had already got to the hydra like Venom, and was throwing debris from the buildings at it, but unfortunately it was no use. The rest quickly showed up right behind him.

"So, it looks like we each get one head" Rias stated calmly. Before Shane could reply, multiple symbiotes shot out from the Hydra Venom.

"Greattttttt" Ravel groaned, "you just had to say something didn't you Rias?"

Rias got annoyed and looked at Shane's Queen, "I was just stating the obvious"

While the two kept bickering, the symbiotes were closing in fast, but two white tentacles grabbed a couple of them and burned the symbiotes.

"Huh that's new" Shane commented. He then looked at the two full blooded devil teens and snapped them back in reality, "hey! We dont have time to bicker, I'll do my best to pull myself and Venom out of the monster, you take on the other heads"

Both Rias and Ravel nodded in approval. Irina slowly walked to her boyfriend,

"No surprises this time okay?" She said in a stern tone.

"I'm coming home with you, that's guaranteed" he replied while watching Venom form on Irina's body.

"You ready?"

"Let's do this" Venom smirked and they all ran towards the creature. Along the way, more symbiotes were forming and trying to fend off all five of the heros, however Shane's instincts were to grabbed them and burn the tissue away.

"Its like antidote for sickness" Ravel commented while attacking. She was able to use her fire magic to fend off a few, but a large piece of debris came crashing down on a couple of other Symbiotes. Hulk landed beside her and screamed.

"Hulk hates Venom's!" He yelled in 3rd person. Ravel only sighed.

"At least you're in control of what you're doing now"

Shane was running towards the hydra creature. He was going to try to talk to himself before they would have to resort killing this worlds Venom.

Irina/Venom saw this and ran along side him.

"What's your plan? I know that you dont want to kill this world's me"

"I just want to see my ambition for all of this" Shane replied. Another symbiote shot out from the Hydra Venom but was quickly eaten up by the other Venom.

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