Chapter 34

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The rating game tournament has commenced. Shane learned that Rias' group was facing of against a high class devil named Diadora, the same devil that Asia healed.

They allowed the groups to gather up for a few days and talk about strategies and train.

Issei did an unthinkable thing and asked for Shane and Irina's help. Well, he wanted Venoms help and she was still the host. He ran into them this evening while they walked back to Shane's house.

"But you're strong enough already?" Shane questioned, he didnt mind. In actuality, he was glad because he seriously needed to figure out the new symbiote suit.

"I may be strong, but no where near as you or Venom. You took on a big ass creature I heard! I just want to be able to win for Rias' sake." He replied.

"I see, still doing what you can for that Harem King dream"

"Pathetic, but we like the attitude" Venom replied to Issei. Irina groaned,

"You may like the attitude, but I don't. Still hard to believe you have all these dirty thoughts in your mind." Irina replied.

That's how the conversation started, but it ended up having Iseei pinned to the ground by a white tentacle. He said something about Irina being a part of it and Shane was not happy. He wondered how he made that work, but that wasn't his main concern.

"You may be a close friend, but she's my girlfriend" Shane snarled. Issei gulped,

"Sorry man, I'll take her off the list" However, Issei had his fingers crossed.

'No way in hell I'm taking her off the list. I mean look at her luscious curves!'

"Issei, I can read your thoughts. For that, I'm not helping you. Also, if you dare try anything to her, I will end you" Shane replied in a very calm tone. Irina and Venom were honestly scared to hear how calm he was.


"But nothing!" Shane yelled back. Iseei quickly got up and bowed.

"I'm sorry, I won't do anything. I promise" he apologized, this time he meant it.

Issei went back to his house, scared shitless by Shane.

"Ohoho, look at you Mr.Hero" Venom spoke aloud. Shane sighed while Irina giggled.

"You're protective" she playfully said while wrapping her arms around his right arm.

"Just dont want to lose you, that's all" he replied whole heartedly. Irina made them stop and she got in front of Shane.

"You're not going to, I'm here for you. Okay?" She reassured while giving him a small kiss on the lips. Shane couldn't help but smile when she kissed him.

"Those are the sweetest, but hard to put aside that the fact that theres a perverted parasite inside you" Shane laughed. Venom suddenly took over Irina's body and yelled at him.


"Parasiteeee~" Shane replied. "I ain't sorry either"

Venom huffed, he knew he couldn't do anything to Shane. Even though he knew he was just messing around. Without saying anything, he retreated back to Irina.

"He gets worked up over that word doesnt he?"

"Don't remind me. If you say it, he doesnt care. But when someone else does, all hell breaks loose. Literally"

Irina giggled and grabbed his hand. They walked back home silently, but it was a comfortable silence. However, once Shane was about to open the door to his house, Irina received a message from Michael.

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