Chapter 17

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"Why me? Or actually why us?" Shane asked in disbelief. Venom was surprised himself

"You managed to handle a Fallen Angel leader without any problems. And if it weren't for the white dragon emporer, I'm sure you would have disposed of him rather quickly."

Shane quickly scratched his head knowing what truly would've happened if Vali didn't get in the way.

"I would've started off with his legs then his arms and finish with his face" Venom appeared from Shane's arm and smiled at Lucifer. Lucifer gave a light chuckle that made him kind of nervous.

"I see, cannibalism at its finest"

Venom agreed and retreated back to his host.

"I appreciate the offer, but without Venom, I'm nothing sir, I mean Zechs" Shane sadly added.

"I'm fully aware of that, but I can help you with that" Lucifer replied. Shane raised an eyebrow

"What do you mean?"

"I'm willing to give you abilities that help you survive if anything was to happen with your partner, and I'm assuming your partner will be able to bring these powers to the fullest" Lucifer answered while summoning a glass bottle that had liquid in it.

"I feel a lot of magical power coming within that bottle"

"I hate to ask so many questions Zechs, but could you explain everything to me? Like the promotion and what all I have to do?" Shane nervously asked

"Most certainly, you see, not only you will become to start your own peerage. You will also be in charge of selected forces in the Devil army. So, in military terms, you'll become a commander as well. We don't typically use the army anymore due to the fact of individual peerages are able to handle most things, but if a war starts, that's when we gather everyone up." Lucifer started to explain

"Commander Venom, I like it" Venom commented

"With you being a commander, I will expect you to be by my side for meetings, peace treaties, and so on. I'm not asking you to quit school, so we can make the exception of you using your magical abilities to still be part of everything." He explained then showed Shane and Venom how to use it where a hologram of theirselves will appear in his palm.

"This is a lot to take in to be honest" Shane replied being fascinated with the offer.

"I understand that Shane. You dont have to answer this immediately, but-"

"Wait! I really want to do this, I just dont know how I'm going to explain all of this to Rias and the others" Shane interrupted Sir Zechs

"Ah I see, you want to explain everything to Rias, we both can explain everything to her after we do something else"

"Something else?" Venom questioned

"What do you mean?" Shane asked.

"There is a Summit Gathering later on, since I am one of the Devil King's, I will be a part of it"

"What's it about?"

"We are going to bring peace with the three factions. Devils, Angel's, and Fallen Angel's are coming together to put everything behind us" Lucifer answered.

Shane and Venoms jaw hit the floor, "huh? A peace treaty? With all the three factions?"

"Correct, we are coming into a time where all this fighting is only causing more problems and there are many other outside factors that will go against us, so it's time to make amends and work together possibly." Lucifer answered

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