Chapter 32

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"That woman is something else" Shane sighed leaving the ORC building. Never in his life he had been that nervous and embarrassed.

"Like" he shivered, "was that considered rape? If I didnt have Irina, who knows what degree she would've went." He then thought on how he was going to tell her about the "date"

"I'm just asking for my funeral. First I try to be the hero, then get slapped for doing that and now she'll probably leave me because she'll think I'm cheating on her. Just fucking great" he groaned while kicking a rock.

"Maybe Venom will help me out on this, he knows how I truly feel about her" he continued. "But still, I knew she was like that and seemed very kinky, but what could have made her want to go to that extent?"

Shane kept pondering on his thoughts until 3 light spears came crashing down in front of him. Luckily Shane was able to dodge before they could strike onto him.

"What the hell?" He questioned, he looked up and saw 3 fallen angels and one of them looked very familiar to him. She had shorter blonde hair with light blue eyes.

"A free roaming devil, how wonderful. Looks like we are killing tonight!" One of the people yelled. Shane narrowed his eyes at the 3.

"Look guys, I dont have time for this. So, I'm giving you one chance to leave before things get ugly" Shane threatened, hopefully they would buy it because he doesnt know how to activate this new suit again and he would be in a lot of trouble. On top of that, his magic hasn't seem to return quite yet.

"Oh yeah?" The blonde teen started, "you may have defeated me last time, but you wont this time" she said while forming another light spear. She threw it at Shane.

"Shit" Shane muttered while running. The other two fallen Angel's started to fly and attack him. Unfortunately for Shane one of the light spears had hit him causing him to fall.

"Dammit!" Shane yelled while falling. The blonde hair teen descended right in front of him and smirked.

"What happened? Where's that black tissue thing that you had last time I saw you?"

"I-" Shane started but was cut off by a scream. He looked over to his right and saw a magic circle appear and a very familiar monster came running through.

"HULK!!!" Hulk yelled while beating his chest. The three fallen Angel's looked in shock and fear.

Right behind the Hulk was another familiar blonde teen with blue eyes. However, her actions made Shane raise an eyebrow. She walked through the magic circle with a hand on her head and shaking like she was annoyed.

"Geez, you sure know how to make an entrance Bruce" Ravel huffed, she then looked over to see Shane and became worried.

"Shane!" She yelled and ran to him

The Fallen Angel with the blonde hair finally regain her composure, "what are you two doing? Attack!"

The other two nodded and formed light spears and threw them at the Hulk. They saw it pierced his skin, but all the Hulk did was smirk.

"Puny Fallen Angel's. Hulk's turn" he said and pulled a tree right from the ground, roots and all, and slung it towards the two Fallen Angel's at a blazing speed. The two had no time to react and were sent flying away. The blonde teen saw her comrades fly away in horror. She slowly backed away and started to fly to them in complete fear. Hulk smiled in victory, but reverted back to Bruce.

Ravel quickly grabbed one her Phoniex tears and started to use it on Shane.

"You haven't been awake for a few days and you're already trying to die again. Dumbass" she spat. Shane sighed,

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