Chapter 12

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"You gotta snap out of this Venom." Shane told his Symbiote

"You don't understand. I despise Riot and for him to come here, it's going to be bad news for everyone"

"I can understand that, but still! We've came a long ways together. You say he's got things we haven't seen, but he hasn't seen us to our fullest!"

"You're kind is so naive. You don't understand what he's capable of. You think I'm strong? I'm merely a tenth of what he has"

Shane sighed, "for once can you believe me? I mean we became devil's and we have unlocked elemental magic. If all goes south, we can get Rias to incinerate him. Besides, we've got that gift from Lucifer"

"Fine, but you better get me some tater tots and a bunch of Hershey's bars."

"You and chocolate, it never fails to put you in a good mood" Shane replied while putting his hands behind his back.

Suddenly, two people landed right in front of him. Both had swords drawn and were in a battle stance.

"What's this?" Shane questioned. Venom started to grow, but Shane told him to stop.

"You said you were a devil correct?" One voice started. Shane and Venom noticed how monotone the voice sounded. It had to be a girl.

Suddenly that same girl darted at Shane with blazing speed. Luckily Venom was on standby and quickly formed a blade on Shane's left arm and blocked the attack. It definitely caught the attention of the attacker.

"Stop this! We're not supposed to start anything with Devil's and you should know that!" The other person stated. Shane noticed how this girls voice had more life with it. She was cheerful in a way to him.

"What's this nonsense?"

"Beats me" Shane answered quietly and turned to the two girls. He then realized they were wearing holy robes and had crosses hanging from their necks.

"What's with all this? I've already had to deal with a fallen angel and people continue to attack me?" Shane questioned.

"A devil like you shouldn't be roaming the streets all alone" the monotone girl answered. They both looked at Shane and that's when he saw their eyes. The girl on the left had golden eyes and he happened to see a few blue strains of hair. The girl on the right caught his attention even more. She had violet eyes and a few mahogany strains showing.

Shane didn't need to see the violet eyed girl to know she was beautiful. Quite frankly, Shane was lost staring into her eyes. The girl realized it and quickly became flustered.

"Cut it out. There's a girl trying to kill us" Venom snapped Shane out of his thoughts. The other girl quickly came back at Shane and Venom.

"Stop it Xen-!" The other girl yelled. However, she didn't listen and continued to attack Shane.

Venoms senses were able to detect the moves that the unknown girl had. She couldn't get over the fact that Shane was able to form a blade out of his arm. But what really made her concern was that the holiness wasn't affect him at touch.

"Just what are you?" She questioned out of breath. Shane just shrugged.

"That's none of your concern at the moment"

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