Chapter 15

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"That other symbiote was supposed to get rid of you" Kokebiel spat. Shane could only laugh.

"That's strike one for you, never underestimate me" Shane grinned.

"No worries, you will be perished with your little friends" Kokebiel added while charging a lance up. He then threw it at Shane, but Venom quickly sliced it in half, causing an explosion right in front of him.

"Shane!" Akeno and Rias yelled in worry.

"Strike two is hurting my friends for no absolute reason just because you're bored" Shane added with a venomized arm that was a blade. Rias noticed that it wasn't black, it was more of a charcoal grey.

"Isnt Venom's color black?" Akeno asked.

"You're starting to get on my nerves little pest" Kokebiel snarled while flying towards Shane. He quickly grabbed him and threw him into the nearby gym. Rias and Akeno screamed, but was quickly relieved when they saw Shane land in front of Kokebiel.

"And strike three, you pissed us off" he smirked. Soon, dark gray tissue began to cover Shane's body. It revealed a much taller and more bulkier Venom, but he was no longer completely black. This stunned everyone, Kokebiel was hesitant to move but quickly flew to the sky.

"You've really done it now" the symbiote commented.

Rias and Akeno couldn't help but stare at the new symbiote. They only questioned on how did it happen.

"A lot of shit has gone down, but first, we have to kick this flying chicken." Venom stated.

'You ready pal? Let's truly test out this power you've inherited from Riot'

"I'm always ready" Venom smirked.

Kokebiel was too stunned to realize that Venom already had a tentacle latched onto him. Suddenly Kokebiel was tossed to the ground like a rag doll. The force was so much that it caused the whole ground to shake. Kokebiel quickly threw a lance at Venom, but he formed a blade that sliced it like was nothing.

Rias and Akeno were surprised with the size of this blade. It was nothing like the original one Venom normally had.

Venom quickly darted at Kokebiel. He stared off with a few punches to the gut and finished with an uppercut that sent Kokebiel flying in the air. Venom jumped after him and kicked him back into the ground, causing another crater.

'The ground isnt going to hold up if we keep doing this' Shane commented

"Then let's finish this" Venom added. He then threw two tentacles to the ground near Kokebiel and used it like a slingshot. Venom was coming in a high speed, but Kokebiel quickly dogged and threw a lance at Venom. The explosion caused him to yell in pain since he didn't have time to react.

"We are surprised. You took one of my lighting strikes dead on and are able to continue with this much force  being pummeled on you" Venom stated.

"I am a Fallen Angel leader, but I am surprised with this power. You are on par with the devil king himself" Kokebiel commented.

Rias and Akeno were both surprised with the comment of Kokebiel. It made Rias wonder about Shane and Venoms true potential.

"We appreciate the comment, but it's time to end this" Venom smiled. Soon a magical circle formed above Kokebiel and a lighting strike hit him.

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