Chapter 28

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Pain, Agony, and Defeat. Everyone that returned to the Gremory palace felt exactly that. Sure, Loki was defeated and sealed away to Asgard, but the loss of Shane was too hard to bear.

Everyone had tear stains, Irina passed out due to all the crying and the exhaustion. Akeno had carried her back.

When they had arrived, the three faction leaders, along with Odin, Asia and Ravel came rushing out to make sure everything was okay. However, they noticed everyone's emotions.

"What happened?" Lord Michael asked while seeing Irina being carried by Akeno. Rias tried to muster up the words but she couldn't.

"Where's Shane?" Ravel questioned, but she had a feeling she wasn't going to get the answer she wanted.

Everyone had turned their head to the side, trying to not remember what happened. That was another sign for everyone to guess. Fortunately, Kiba mustered up the courage to speak.

"Shane defeated Loki with Mjolnir, but soon after, a lighting strike caused us to look away and Shane was nowhere to be found after." He stated sadly. Ravel and Asia were stunned.

"H-how?" Ravel asked with tears forming, "he promised me he'll be okay"

Rias and the others raised their eyebrows.

"Promised you?" She asked.

"Ravel has recently become Shane's Queen. It so happened right before he and Bruce were sent to help you all. Where is Bruce by the way?" SirZechs answered.

"The Hulk was transported away by Loki" Rossweisse answered.

"Ravel, since your Shane's Queen, can you feel his presence?" Azazel asked the young teen.

Ravel closed her eyes and started to channel her energy to focus on Shane. She was able to get a hint of his energy but it was just a sliver of it.

"Yes, but it is very slim" she stated. "However, I cannot tell you where exactly he is"

Everyone gained a slight bit of hope, but were bummed out when they heard the other part of the sentence.

"Loki used a spell to cast Shane away from this world. It was the same spell that had brought the Hulk here" Odin added. Everyone turned their heads to him.

"So Shane is alive?" Rias asked.

"Yes, but who knows for how long. Being Loki, it wouldn't surprise me if he casted another spell to cause Shane to slowly die in that world"

"Wait what?" Issei asked. He rubbed his head trying to think it over.

"What he is trying to say, Loki had this back up plan if he was defeated. Shane unfortunately got the whole piece of the pie when this happened. He got the double whammy." Azazel explained.

"So, if we cant find Shane soon, he'll die?"

"Yes, but I highly doubt that Loki will talk" Odin stated sadly.

Everyone looked down with grief. Irina started to stir up and Akeno gently laid her on the ground.

"Irina" Michael spoke softly, he used heavenly healing magic to restore her, but when he did, black and grey tissue started to form.

"Venom?" The leaders asked. Soon, Irina's body was replaced with tissue that fit her curves perfectly, it was a new form compared to what they've seen before.

"He told me to protect Irina at all costs. I'm so sorry SirZechs. I'm sorry to all of you, I've failed miserably"

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