Chapter 20

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After Shane had asked Irina out on the date, they both ended up going back to sleep. Shane had Venom become a hammock in order to get proper sleep. Irina suggested that he could sleep on the other side of the bed, but Shane said it didnt feel okay with him just yet to do something like that.

"Best sleep I've gotten in a while" Shane said while stretching. However, Venom quickly returned to his host and caused Shane to land on his butt. "Ow, what the hell Venom!" He yelled

"I'm not your personal utilityman, I'm not something that you just take advantage of because I can form just about into anything" Venom replied

"And you using me as your host is different?"

"I give you supernatural abilities, of course it's different"

"Whatever" Shane replied while getting up. He noticed a note laying on the bed and picked it up.


Chief Michael had called me to do something this morning and I needed to talk to him as well. Meet me at the town square around 7 for our date tonight! I'm looking forward to it!

XOXO Irina

"Huh, that's right. We never decided on where to meet or anything, so I'm glad she thought of something" he commented while putting the note in his back pocket.

"Great way to have your first date, forget to even agree to meet at a location" Venom laughed.

"Whatever Venom, it's not like we sat there and took on two dragon emporers and beat the living hell out of them" Shane spat back.

Their argument continued until there was a knock on the door.

"Shane are you awake?" A familiar voice asked.

"Damn, didnt want to speak to her this early" Shane muttered while looking at his phone. It was 4 in the afternoon.

"What the hell, we slept for that long?"

"Shane?" The voice called again.

"Come in!" He commanded. Soon the door opened up to reveal a worried Rias.

"Thank goodness you're alright" she sighed.

"Yeah" Shane replied while stretching. He didnt really want to speak to Rias right this moment, but he honestly didnt have any choice.

"Might as well meet middle ground, we are both leaders of peerages and we're helping her brother out too"

'I suppose'

"Shane, could we possibly talk about everything?" Rias questioned but she sounded nervous and that made Shane and Venom concerned.

"Yeah, I've been meaning to talk to you as well, just a lot of things came up at once" he said while walking over to the bed, he then pointed to the chair for Rias. She was hesitant but soon walked and sat down.

"I just want to say I'm sorry, for playing with your feelings and using you. I really am" she apologized while looking down. Shane only sighed

"Its fine"

"No it's-"

"Listen to me" Shane started and it caused her to look at him, "I'm fine, it happened. It's just life, besides, we are too young to make decisions like these that affect our lives. We are teenagers for crying out loud, we like something one day and dont care for it the next day. In all honesty, I only joined your peerage in hopes of impressing you. In reality, I wasn't the one that was impressive, it was Venom"

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