Chapter 26

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Ravel was currently tending to Shane's needs. However, Shane was quite uncomfortable in the state he was in. He was currently laying his head on Ravels lap. He doesn't know why, but she had ordered him to do so. Shane knew better than not to question someone royalty, even if it meant for a bratty teenage girl.

"Now sit back and relax, I will take care of you" she stated

'Irina would kill me if she saw me like this'

"I told you so, you should've let her know before she got to this, but no. You just had to play the good guy."

Ravel revealed another Phoenix tear and put a small dab onto Shane's neck. Shane was surprised by the sudden feeling but soon felt the irritation die down.

"Now, that should do it" Ravel stated while putting the cap back on. Shane groaned and sat up.

'Thank you' he mouthed. Ravel nodded at him with a small blush. She started to twittle with her fingers. Shane noticed that she does that when she gets nervous. She slightly turned her head so he couldn't see her.

"Shane, I-I have a request" Ravel stuttered.

"Hm?" Shane replied while looking at the teenage girl. He noticed she started take deep breaths before asking a question that wouldn't surprise him or Venom.

"Shes gonna request to become our newest peerage member"


Before Venom could place his bet, Ravel proceeded to talk.

"I would l-like to join your peerage" she whispered. Shane raised an eyebrow, he thought she would be perfectly fine with asking this. However, it confused him on why someone from such high royalty wanted to join his peerage.

'Ask her why us?'

"That's rude, that's telling the poor girl no. Besides, I dont think she will take no for an answer."

'Just ask her'

"Fine" Venom answered while forming his head to replace Shane's. He smiled at Ravel which sent a shiver down her spine. Venom frowned at it.

"I'm not that scary looking. You do know I'm kind hearted at times. Thanks to this loser, but onto other matters. Why would you want to join our peerage? We arent saying no, but would like further explanation."

Ravel composed herself, but gained a slight attitude towards the duo. "Hmph, I figured you would be grateful that someone like myself would even consider wanting to be a part of your peerage"

Both the host and symbiote raised an eyebrow, "but you were the one who was scared to ask"

Ravel's cheeks flushed, "I uh, fine I'll tell you why. Out of everyone, the only person who has the best chance to show me true leadership is you. My brother was an arrogant fool at times, but I had no other choice to be in his peerage. After you had spared his life, I saw the good in both of you. I wanted to be more like that. I've changed a little bit, but the reason why is because of you two"

Venom pretended to shed a tear and whip it away, "such kind words, moved our hearts"

'Okay, dont have to be a smartass about it'

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