Chapter 11 S2!

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We are joined by Shane and Venom currently getting kicked out of another all you can eat restaurant.

"Why must you keep doing this? We are going to now be allowed in any restaurant or any food stores by the end of this month!" Shane wined. Venom only scoffed at him.

"It's not my fault I'm a growing organism! Besides, I already told you, they do not hold their word to 'all you can eat'. False advertising if you ask me'

"They kicked us out because we were taking the pans right off the stove immediately! Besides, what are you going to do when the day comes where we can't go anywhere to get food?" Shane smirked. The symbiote only laughed.

"You're liver will be my first meal. Then we will eat all sorts of animals and people. How about that?"

"How many times do I have to tell you that I need my liver to live!" Shane retorted.

"It filters waste and I eat whatever comes into mind. What's the difference?"

Shane only shook his head. Suddenly his phone vibrated and got a text from Rias saying they were meeting at Issei's house for the ORC meeting today.

"That's strange" Shane said out loud and put his phone up. However, him and Venom felt someone watching over them. It wasn't a devil or fallen angel and that concern them.

'You sense that?'

"Yeah, and honestly the only thing I have to my knowledge is that there could be a chance others followed me here"


"You really think I'm the only symbiote? There is a whole planet of us. I'll explain later. Let's just get out of here before something happens"

Very quickly, Venom took over Shane's body and booked it to Issei's house.

Once arriving, he was greeted by Mrs.Hyoudou.

"Ah you must be Shane please come in and make yourself at home. They're all upstairs in Issei's room" she gestured Shane to the stairs. Shane thanked her and went to his room.

He saw that everyone else was there already. Akeno waved at him and patted the area beside her to sit by him.

"Go get her tiger" 'Now isn't the time!'

"Great!, everyone is here. Let's get this started." Rias told everyone. The meeting wasn't too big of a deal. It consisted of telling everyone how they did on pacts the last month. Akeno had 12, Koneko had 10, Kiba had 8, and Asia had 3.

"Shane and Issei, both of you have zero." Rias finished the list. Issei looked a little down. Shane only laughed.

"Hey buddy, we're on the shit list right now. It's not funny" Issei glared.

That caused Shane to raise on eyebrow.

"I've been kicking ass and taking names, what have you been doing? Jerking off to your fantasies?" Shane smirked. Issei grew mad and it really concerned because he only made it a joke.

"Shane please cut it out. Issei has been trying really hard" Rias defended. Shane narrowed his eyes at her, but shook his head.

"Whateves, it was a mere joke" Shane replied while shrugging his shoulders.

"She's been like this ever since we got back from the underworld. What's her deal with Issei? We were the ones who saved her"

Shane made an I don't know noise to Venom. He was right though, she had been acting different. It's only been 2 weeks and it seemed like Rias totally forgot about him.

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